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Need help with solvent paints disposal ? Read our handy guide…

Many businesses have left-over paint, coatings, or varnishes from refurbishments or expansion projects and need help with solvent paints disposal. So, we decided to put together a useful guide with all the questions you’ll need to ask about how to handle the waste. Solvent-based paint is often used on metal equipment, metal walkways, metal doors, […]

Why are regulations dealing with hazardous waste so strict – and why should my business comply with them?

In 2016, strict regulations came into force which ensured hazardous waste was properly categorised and dealt with in the correct manner. The responsibilities for each producer, carrier, and consignee (the end receiver) of hazardous waste were made clear. There also has to be a detailed note of how the waste was produced, a chemical and […]

Is asbestos a headache on your construction project? It’s time to call in the experts

Developers and builders know that any project which involves asbestos means they need to act with great caution. Any waste which has 0.1% asbestos is covered by stringent regulations. Breathing in asbestos fibres, which can cause lung cancer and the fatal lung disease, asbestosis, is dangerous to their employees and the general public – and […]

Does your oil, water, or cooler tank need cleaning?

If your business has a tank where you store oil, cooler, or water, it’s vital that you inspect it and ensure it is cleaned regularly. There are several types of oil which businesses store in tanks: petrol biofuels diesel vegetable oils kerosene synthetic oils solvents biodegradable lubricating or hydraulic oils liquid bitumen-based products, such as […]