Could baler hire be the right decision for your business in 2020?


Are you considering baler hire for your business in 2020?

We tend to review our costs and look at ways of attracting more money into our businesses at the start of every year, so we should now be looking at creative ways of getting the best deal for our bulk waste.

Baler hire could help you achieve that.

What are the key benefits of baler hire?

  • Your bulk waste transportation costs are cut – The baler compacts your cardboard or paper waste, meaning more bundles can fit on a lorry to be transported. Baled waste also tends to attract higher bulk waste prices than unbaled waste, as the buyer won’t have to bale it themselves.
  • You can upgrade without the cost of buying new equipment – A baler would cost between £2,500 and £12,000 to buy, depending on the size and whether you choose new or second hand, but the cost of renting can be as little as £80 per month.
  • You preserve the capital in your business – Rather than spending a lump sum on buying a baler, you spread the cost of having it in a monthly rental. This allows you to spend the cash on expanding your workforce, for example.
  • You can get an agreement which includes maintenance – This helps you to avoid costly break-downs and keeps your business running smoothly.

How do you choose the right option?

There are important questions you need to ask in order to get the right fit for your business.

  1. How much bulk waste does your business produce? The larger the amount of waste, the larger the baler you will need to cope with it. A standard 60-inch cardboard baler would produce around two bales of 50 cubic feet per hour.
  2. What space do you have to site a baler? The larger the baler, the larger the space you will need to house it, have safe space around it, and store your bulk waste.
  3. Will your floor take the weight of a baler? This is especially important if you choose a large baler. Businesses with first-floor offices and above should ensure the floor can take the weight of the baler and the stored waste.
  4. Do you need your baler to deal with more than cardboard or paper? Some balers deal with textiles, steel cans, and plastics. You’ll need to decide whether your business produces enough of these items in bulk waste to justify baling them.
  5. Do you need an agreement which includes a maintenance contract? This allows you to know the cost of your new baler every month, avoiding large bills if it breaks down, and keeps your machine in good order, ensuring there won’t be a break in your service.

How do you choose the right baler hire company?

Choose a company with expert waste management consultants, like Inspire Waste Management.

They can help you achieve the best price possible for your cardboard waste and advise you on baler hire.

Ensure the baler company can also supply you with any baler products you need and that it has appropriate ISO accreditations.

Need advice on baler hire? Call our friendly Inspire Waste team on 0800 002 9282.

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What are the upsides of baling cardboard?

What are the upsides of baling cardboard? You can earn revenue that may cover or exceed baler rental costs

 baling cardboardHas your business been thinking about baling cardboard, but you’re worried about baler rental costs?

Don’t be! It’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your business more sustainable.

In fact, instead of looking at baler rental costs in isolation, think about the potential revenue your cardboard waste could be generating.

What are the typical baler rental costs?

If you were buying a cardboard baler, it would cost from around £2,500.  The price rises to more than £5,000 with larger baler capacities.

Many businesses don’t want another capital spend, though, so renting a baler is the perfect choice for them. That could cost them from as little as £20 per week, depending on the baler capacity.

You get a better price for your waste cardboard by baling it. Per tonne, you can get between £40 and £65 for cardboard waste and you’re more likely to get the top end of that price if the waste is baled ready for your purchaser to transport and deal with.

Waste businesses like ours can transport more compacted, baled cardboard at once than loose cardboard in a skip, so it cuts our transportation costs.

Don’t forget that the more profit you make on the waste you recycle, the more you can offset the rental costs for your baler.

What are the other benefits of having a baler?

You keep your site clean and free of waste and reduce the hazards to staff and visitors.

Space is freed up at your site so that you can install more equipment or store more stock.

Your business is complying with its duties under the environmental regulations. Cardboard is an easily recycled material and 75% of all cardboard and paper is now made from recycled materials.

So, your business is helping to save precious resources and reduce the amount of energy needed to produce it from scratch.

You get paid for your waste and you help to save the trees. It’s a win-win scenario.

Why rent?

  • It’s the simple option – There are no capital costs and you don’t have to service a loan to buy the machinery. You simply rent the right equipment for your business, you are trained in how to use it, and you start to reap the benefits.
  • There are no maintenance or depreciation costs – Your contract can ensure the baler is maintained and stays working for you.
  • It’s flexible – There are a range of different contract options to suit any business.
  • Your transportation costs are cut – Businesses like ours can buy and take away your baled waste cardboard for recycling. The more you recycle, the bigger the saving.
  • We can ensure you get the best deal possible from the arrangement – Our waste consultants will carry out a site survey and recommend how your business can save money.

How to choose the right partner for your bulk waste recycling

Look for a company with expert waste management consultants, like Inspire Waste Management, who can help you achieve the best price possible for your cardboard waste.  We can achieve higher than market values for our clients.

Ensure the company can supply you with any baler products you may need and has appropriate ISO accreditations.

Need advice on dealing with your bulk waste and baler rental costs? Call our friendly Inspire Waste team on 0800 002 9282.