Solvent Waste Disposal Sunderland

Are you looking for a company to look after your solvent waste disposal? Sunderland Company Inspire waste have years of experience dealing with solvents and any kind of hazardous waste.

Solvent Disposal Sunderland

Solvent Waste Disposal company based in Sunderland can help and guide you whether it’s removing solvent waste from a factory or disposing of hazardous. this can be a legal minefield so let us help.

Here are few important things you need to know to protect yourself and ensure you don’t face a hefty fine:

  • businesses have the legal duty of care to ensure hazardous waste produced or stored by your business does not harm anyone else or damage the environment.
  •  A consignment note is required for the transport of any commercial hazardous waste, unless it was imported under international waste shipment controls.
  • Your Company also need a consignment note if you’re removing asbestos waste from a domestic property.
  •  Reputable waste contractor must be used to carry out the collection.
  • You need to ensure your own health and safety is protected during removal.

For more details on the regulations, go to

Don’t try to do solvent waste disposal or rely on a mate to do it. You need to ensure your own health and safety, or that of your staff, is protected.


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