1100l Bins: A Practical Asset for Any UK Business

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Waste Management Service

In commercial or industrial settings, efficiency is paramount for seamless operations. It’s frequently the smaller, overlooked factors that wield a considerable impact. Waste management service is a vital yet often neglected element within the UK business ecosystem. Here, 1100l bins and other waste and recycling containers come into focus.

We will delve into the advantages of 1100l wheelie bins and  supplied by InspireWaste for businesses across the UK.

1100l bins by InspireWaste

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Why The 1100l Wheelie Bin Stands Out

While the 1100 litre wheelie bin may not be a marvel of modern technology, it is exceptionally crafted to serve its purpose brilliantly, weather it for commercial bin collection or domestic use.

The manufacturing process utilises compact injection moulding formed from durable polyethylene, rendering it not just robust but also efficient in design.

But what sets this bin apart? Here’s a more detailed look:

Maximising Space Efficiency with the 1100l Bins

In busy urban areas like London, where space comes at a premium, the 1100 litre wheelie bin serves as the perfect waste solution:

  • High Capacity: Designed to accommodate large volumes, it can hold up to 1100 litres of waste, minimising the need for frequent waste removal.
  • Space-Savvy Design: Its compact injection moulding ensures a small footprint, making it ideal for businesses with limited space.
  • Fork Pockets: To facilitate easy lifting and handling.
  • Solid Rubber Casters with Foot Brakes Zinc Plating: For enhanced mobility and secure positioning.
  • Container Prevents Build-Up: Our wheelie bins Designed to ensure that waste doesn’t accumulate, thereby ensuring more hygienic conditions.
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Graphics: Ideal for local authorities requiring specific identifications or branding.

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Why should you choose our 1100l bins for your business?

Our 1100L Wheelie Bins are versatile waste and recycling containers, designed for a range of uses from domestic rubbish collection to commercial applications in shops, factories, and schools.

  • Tow Kits: Fitted for easy movement by prime movers; suitable for hospitals and large factories.
  • Lockable: Wheels and lids lock to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Durable Materials: Made with strong, metal components for longevity.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Displays CE mark and meets all UK Council regulations.
  • High Capacity: Holds approximately 19 bin bags, streamlining the emptying process.
  • Low-Maintenance: Resistant to unwanted fluid adherence, ensuring durability.
  • Mixed Recycling: Suitable for a variety of recyclables, from glass to cardboard.
  • Delivery Time: May vary dependent on location.

Smart Investment: The 1100 litre wheelie bin

The 1100 litre wheelie bin isn’t just a waste container; it’s an ROI asset for your business. Here’s why:

Cost Savings

Reduced pickups mean lower operational costs, boosting your bottom line.


Emptying process fitted for comb lift devices, streamlining waste management and freeing up staff time.


Made to resist unwanted fluid adherence and ensure product longevity.


Comes with recycling lids to help with waste segregation, enhancing your green credentials.
Specifications of the actual product may vary, but the benefits remain consistent.
1100 litre wheelie bins by InspireWaste

The Pragmatic Choice for UK Businesses

The 1100l wheelie bin, made from hard-wearing HDPE, is more than just a bin; it’s a long-term investment in operational efficiency. With four wheels for extra stability, this bin offers a pragmatic and durable solution. Engineered for product longevity and manufactured with a range of benefits, it’s the go-to choice for savvy businesses.

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