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Waste Management Services by InspireWaste

If you’re after specific waste management services that are not on the list below, please reach out, and we may be able to arrange a custom service for you.

Hazardous waste disposal Services icon

Hazardous Waste

Make sure your hazardous waste is categorised, transported, and disposed of correctly in licensed facilities.

Vacuum tankers icon

Vacuum Tankers

We offer vacuum tanker hire to empty your tanks of contaminated water, slurry, sludge, or hazardous chemicals.

Skip hire icon

Skip Hire

Get the right size and type of skip for your business or project. Choose commercial skip hire from our wide range of options.

WEEE and electric waste

WEEE & Electronics

Stay on the right side of the rules about electronic and electrical waste with our WEEE waste collection service. Batteries included.

Confidential Waste icon

Confidential Waste

Comply with strict data protection rules through confidential waste collection and shredding of the documents & data storage devices.

Cardboard Baler rental icon

Bulky Waste Recycling

Get the best prices for your paper, card, and metal bulky waste collection. We can achieve higher recycling prices than market values.

Wheelie bins icon

Wheelie Bins

Whether you need a commercial bin for general waste, dry, mixed recycling, food waste, or glass, we have a wheelie bin to suit your business.

Compactor hire icon

Waste Compactors

Reduce the size of your waste with waste compactor hire, and make the most of your space, by renting a static or portable compactor.

Cardboard baler icon

Cardboard Balers

Free up space in your premises, and get the best price for your business waste, by renting a cardboard baler.

Pallet services icon

Pallet Recycling, Buy, Sell

We provide pallet recycling services (buy and supply pallets), including heat-treated and speciality pallets, and can clear scrap pallets.

Liquid waste disposal icon

Liquid Waste

We can provide your organisation with expert liquid waste disposal services, including large and small quantities of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids.

Scrap metal collection icon

Scrap Metal Collection

Whatever the quantity of scrap metal you have, we will have suitable skips for your local scrap metal collection business needs.

General waste collection icon

Commercial Waste

Our commercial waste collection services include waste disposal of such materials as non-recyclable plastics, polythene, some packaging, food waste and general waste.

Waste management and recycling icon

Commercial Recycling

By outsourcing the management of commercial recycling waste to an external company, you will save a lot of time, stress and money too.

Construction Waste Management icon

Construction Waste

Hire a waste Inspire Waste team to take care of construction waste management for you in the most efficient way.

Industrial cleaning icon

Industrial Cleaning

We support manufacturers and industrial plants with industrial cleaning services, including deep clean during their down times.

Waste Management Consultancy icon

Waste Management Consultancy

Keep your waste costs to a minimum with our waste audit and waste management consultancy. Perfect for budgeting for your projects.

UK Waste Management Services near you and your business in the North East region and across the whole United Kingdom

The experience of the Inspire Waste Management expert staff will help you navigate the complex rules for dealing with hazardous waste management, electronic and electrical waste, and confidential waste. Our waste management company has all the waste management solutions to help you manage your business waste!

Our dedicated team will quote the best price for any waste management service: bulk recycling, getting the right skips, tankers, compactors, or balers for your business. We’ll also help you make the most of your budget with our waste consultancy and project planning and transparent, flat rate quotes. And, best of all, we offer nationwide waste services!

Find out more about why correct waste management is important.

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Waste Management Services FAQs

Here are some answers you may be seeking for commercial waste collections, but never hesitate to call to hear more about our disposal services.

Do you work closely with businesses to reduce waste?

Yes! For commercial waste management, we will work alongside your business to create a management solution that is tailored to our customers and their site.

We’ll work to make sure that your businesses’ environmental impact is kept at a low and that any queries are dealt with quickly, so you can focus on actions that matter the most – your needs and customers.

Why does waste management matter?

If you are committed to lowering your environmental impact, waste collection services are the solution. This is because they ensure that customers’ high volumes of waste can be recycled or disposed of in a safe manner. Much sustainable waste is capable of reuse.

InspireWaste covers a variety of commercial sectors, from restaurants to retail stores to other forms of business waste. Whatever kind you have, from plastic waste to an excess of cardboard packaging on a site, we can help you by providing solution to an ineffective waste management.

Do you only operate in England?

Yes, but… We provide waste service treatment to anyone that needs them on UK mainland only. Our helpful team is based in the North East of England, but we have multiple processing and delivery sites and local suppliers we work alongside for waste collection and disposal.

What are the benefits of using a waste management solutions?

One of the main benefits of using a professional company to handle your waste is that they are legally required to ensure that your waste material is disposed of correctly and in line with the law, especially when it comes to hazardous waste and confidential shredding. This means that you don’t have to stay at work late to deal with disposing of your business waste.

Another benefit to using a specialist company is that they have the knowledge and expertise to deal with different waste streams in a cost effective way.

Why should my business recycle?

If done correctly, waste management and recycling can save you money. Set up recycling waste streams and cut landfill costs by reducing the waste sent there. Implementing a recycling scheme and hiring a waste management operator for recycling is far more cost-effective than sending all of your facilities recyclable materials to landfills.

Recycling materials is a great way to do your bit for the planet. Products made from recycled material can save the environment and use less raw materials, which has several benefits overall.

Waste and recycling services are a great way to attract more customers and keep the clients you already have happy. As society becomes increasingly aware of being environmentally friendly, this has become more important for your brand image. Considering your environmental effect is more important than ever to clients, just as it is us.

Recycling collection is now easier than ever, and, as one of the waste companies UK people have trusted, we offer experience and make it as easy as possible with our waste management service. Our recycling and recovery systems are like a home recycling set-up, unlike other waste recycling companies UK businesses go to. Our experts can provide tailored advice to make the whole thing seamless for your site.

How can I change the frequency of my bin collections?

Sustainable waste management is essential for us. If you feel like you’re creating more (or less) waste than when we initially scheduled your collection, please call us to discuss any changes. We’re available on 0800 002 9282.

How do I get a quote for your waste services?

Whether you’re looking for hazardous waste collection, cost effective business waste management of commercial waste, most common recycling collection or expert advice about waste, we cover it all and more.

You can fill out the contact form on our website contact page, and we’ll get in touch with you! However, you could also call 0800 002 9282 or email us at

We provide one-off skip hire and spot jobs via phone. For long term contracts, the sales team can be contacted to arrange a regular schedule suitable for your needs at your site.

Contact us for a free quote for disposal of waste and recycling, today!