Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste categories

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Any waste which is potentially harmful to human health or the environment is categorised as hazardous.

This could be in the form of waste oils or toxic powders, asbestos from demolition sites, electrical or electronic waste, or waste chemicals. Find out more about how to classify different types of waste.

Hazardous waste disposal experts

Hazardous waste must be classified and stored correctly and can only be moved with a correct waste consignment note which describes it and how it was made. It’s also illegal to mix hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Any waste classified as hazardous must be sent to a facility which is licensed to accept and process it.

You can get access to our chemist testing facilities to help you identify hazardous waste and categorise it correctly.

Dealing with hazardous waste disposal incorrectly could land a business or organisation with a substantial fine and it could be faced with high clear-up costs.

Hazardous waste Services

Why choose Inspire Waste Management for Hazardous Waste Disposal?

  • We have years of experience in transporting hazardous waste and the facilities we use are licensed to process it.
  • You get specialist help with categorising your waste correctly and creating waste consignment notes.
  • You also get certificates of destruction for the hazardous waste disposal services completed by Inspire Waste Management.
  • We make the process of hazardous waste disposal as simple as possible.
  • If confirmed to be non-hazardous, waste is recycled wherever possible – we never send waste directly to landfill and are ISO 14001 certified.
  • We give you an excellent service at a competitive price across all UK.

What is classified as the Hazardous Waste?

Some of the hazardous waste disposal categories include:

Adhesives sealants organic solvents waste removal  icon

Adhesives and sealants containing organic solvents

Asbestos insulation waste removal icon

Asbestos insulation

Engine oils waste removal icon

Engine oils

Paint varnish remover waste icon

Paint containing organic solvents and paint or varnish remover

Batteries waste removal icon


Interceptor waste removal icon

Interceptor waste

Unused cement waste removal icon

Unused cement

Fluorescent lights waste removal icon

Fluorescent lights

Diesel petrol brake fluid waste removal icon

Diesel, petrol and brake fluid

Coal tar waste removal icon

Coal tar products

Circuit board waste removal icon

Fridge coolants and circuit boards

Medicines clinical waste removal icon

Waste medicines and clinical waste