Pallet Recycling Services

How could our pallet recycling services help your business?

For factories who need to protect and transport loads, construction projects receiving materials, and food and drink manufacturers and retailers, having a flexible, professional pallet services is a must.

One of the main reasons to invest in a pallet collection service is that it meets business’s legislative obligations for environmental management system.

Pallet recycling services by Inspire Waste Management
Bulk Pallet recycling services by Inspire Waste Management
In order to meet their recycling targets, businesses need to take care of the waste from their products throughout the supply chain. One of the ways they can do this is to use a professional pallet service that offers recycling options for wooden waste and provides an environmentally friendly way of using recycled used pallets and scrap wood.

  • Pallet sale and purchase for all different types and sizes
  • Heat-treated pallets to transport food and pharmaceutical goods
  • Speciality pallets such as barrel-retaining and collared pallets
  • Pallet cleaning
  • Pallet repair
  • Pallet recycling
  • Pallet clearance

Pallet Recycling Services by Inspire Waste Management

Inspire Waste Management provides a full recycling service for pallets – from buying and selling all types of pallets and supplying our clients with heat treated versions, to sourcing speciality pallets, repairing unwanted pallets which are broken and collecting the wood waste, and wood recycling (so not including a plastic pallet) those beyond repair into wood pellets for energy generation such as biomass fuel.

We can also offer pallet collection and cleaning, treating them to destroy any bacteria on them, and will clear any unwanted pallets broken beyond repair while sticking to wrap packaging waste regulations.

Call us today to tell us how our Pallet Recycling Services could help your business.

Pallet Recycling Services by Inspire Waste

Why choose Inspire Waste Management for Pallet Recycling Services?

  • Inspire Waste Management has years of experience in providing waste management services and dealing with pallet recycling services such as pallet hire and sales.
  • Our pallet recycling service is flexible – we talk to you about what you need and how we can help your project or business run smoothly.
  • We give you an excellent service at a transparent, competitive price.
  • We cover the whole of the UK