Cardboard Baler

Cardboard baler

Maximise your waste cardboard revenue with baler rental

If you’re looking to get more revenue from your cardboard waste, it’s time to consider using a cardboard compactor.

When you’re selling your bulk cardboard recycling, you’ll get a better price if the cardboard is baled up ready for the recycler. This is where cardboard balers come in handy to flatten cardboard boxes!

When you are looking for the right equipment for your company, our team of specialists can help you find the best solution for your needs with waste compactors. Inspire Waste Management will help you get better than market value for your bulk recycling, too. Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists about renting cardboard balers!

Cardboard Baler For Sale

You don’t just have to consider renting cardboard balers, you could also buy one!

The best reason for baling cardboard is for its environmentally friendly purposes and can lead to a small footprint for your business’s environmental impact. Cardboard can easily be recycled, but the volumes of cardboard takes up a lot of space and leaves an ugly mess scattered around your office. Additionally, you must invest in a lot of storage space to house it all. It is not uncommon to find stacks of cardboard boxes taking up valuable room, leaving less room for actually working. With the help of a cardboard baler, you can increase storage space without compromising on safety or convenience!

Vertical cardboard baler rental services
Cardboard Baler rental waste services

Cardboard Baler rental pricing

We provide a full waste management service, offering the rental or sale of cardboard balers and the supply of baler accessories to decrease your business’s volumes of cardboard waste and use less space.

Our baler rentals range from £25 per week to £65 per week, depending on the capacity of the baler, and we have full rental and maintenance packages with 24-hour call out.

Call us today to tell us what you need, or to discuss our baler sales prices.

Is your business looking for a baler machine rental or purchase?

Our balers are easy to use and of a high quality. We supply the following baler machine types:

  • Small balers, medium volume balers making the bale weight 30kg, perfect for smaller offices and shops.
  • Twin-chamber balers, larger balers making a bale weight up to 100kg, ideal for larger businesses, perhaps with large warehouses with higher waste volume and high volume users.
  • Mill-sized balers, the right fit for warehouses, manufacturers, and industrial sites.
  • Baler rental and sale.
  • Full rental and maintenance packages with 24-hour call out for the waste balers.
  • Baler accessories like ties, bags, strapping and wire for baled cardboard.

Reasons to buy a baler instead of renting


Owning your own baler can offer stability to your company for waste handling and waste collection. Suppose your company has already seen a rise in the ranks. In that case, you might not need to upgrade or downgrade your trash compactor and less frequent changes in the system would also mean less time spent training staff with new waste removal systems. By procuring and training your own staff rather than relying on an outside team, familiarity and specialization can lead to less reactive baler maintenance and preventative care overall.

You might not be able to upgrade your baler like you could with a cardboard baler rental but your purchase remains valuable over time, so if you want to upgrade later on it’ll still be worth your investment.


Besides the financial benefits, you’re still doing your bit for the environment by recycling cardboard with a bought baler for waste materials. Buying one will save you money, without the landfill taxes.

Cardboard Baler Services Coverage

Through partnerships with local suppliers, Inspire Waste Management is able to supply cardboard balers throughout the UK. Following are some of our major service areas. Please feel free to contact us if your location is not listed below, and we will be able to determine whether we can assist with supplying a cardboard baler.

Why choose Inspire Waste Management for your Commercial Cardboard Baler?

  • We have years of experience in dealing with renting and selling cardboard balers, baler accessories, and waste management across whole of the UK.
  • Our service is flexible – we talk to you about what you need and which baler would suit your business.
  • We help you get better than market prices for your bulk waste material recycling.
  • We give you an excellent service at a transparent and a competitive cardboard baler cost.
Contact us today at 0800 002 9282 for more information about our cardboard balers.