Cardboard Baler

Cardboard Baler rental services

Maximise your waste cardboard revenue with baler rental

If you’re looking to get more revenue from your waste cardboard, it’s time to consider using a baler.

When you’re selling on your bulk recycling, you’ll get a better price if the cardboard is baled up ready for the recycler.

Inspire Waste Management will help you get better than market value for your bulk recycling, too.

Cardboard Baler For Sale

There are several great reasons to buy a cardboard baler. It will help you save floor space at your site, keep it tidy and avoid trip hazards, and reduce the amount of money you pay in landfill costs.

Inspire Waste Management is ready to help with a flexible Cardboard Baler Service tailored to you.

Vertical cardboard baler rental services
Cardboard Baler rental waste services

Cardboard Baler rental pricing

We provide a full service offering the rental or sale of balers and the supply of baler accessories.

Our baler rentals range from £15 per week to £50 per week, depending on the capacity of the baler, and we have full rental and maintenance packages with 24-hour call out.

Call us today to tell us what you need, or to discuss our baler sales prices.

Is your business looking for a baler machine rental or purchase?

Our balers are easy to use and of a high quality. We supply:

  • Small balers making 30kg bales, perfect for smaller offices and shops.
  • Twin-chamber balers making 100kg bales, ideal for larger businesses.
  • Mill-sized balers, the right fit for warehouses, manufacturers, and industrial sites.
  • Baler rental & sale.
  • Full rental and maintenance packages with 24-hour call out.
  • Baler accessories like ties, bags, strapping & wire.

Why choose Inspire Waste Management for your Commercial Cardboard Baler?

  • We have years of experience in dealing with baler rentals and sales, baler accessories, and waste management across whole of the UK.
  • Our service is flexible – we talk to you about what you need and which baler would suit your business.
  • We help you get better than market prices for your bulk recycling.
  • We give you an excellent service at a transparent, competitive price.

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