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Looking for Commercial Recycling in your local area?

By outsourcing your waste management to an external company, it will not only save you a lot of time and stress, it can also help you save money too.

A specialist commercial recycling centre can get your company ever closer to your green environment goals and ensure you’re complying with the law, especially when handling confidential or hazardous waste.

North East Commercial Recycling

We provide bulk recycling services and commercial waste collection for businesses across the whole North East area as well as in the whole of the UK.

Inspire Waste Management Ltd We will arrange a wide range of custom commercial recycling and waste disposal services from one of our Local Recycling Centres.

Tyne and Wear Commercial Recycling

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Northumberland Commercial Recycling


County Durham Commercial Recycling

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Commercial Recycling Centre you can trust and rely on

Recycling is an important part of reducing the use of natural resources, improving our environment, and eliminates the need to mine raw materials. If you’re looking for a trusted waste recycling and waste disposal solution for your business, Inspire Waste Management can arrange your commercial waste removal and recycling in no time.

We are ISO and CHAS certified, so you can rest assured, after your commercial waste collection, all your waste is processed in accordance with the UK law. Our commercial recycling service comes with a full compliance documentation.

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Why choose a fully compliant Commercial Recycling Services by InspireWaste

With over 30 years of experience in the management of waste, our helpful staff at the recycling center ensures the highest recycling rate, with the most professional degree of service.

Inspire Waste Management Ltd offers a nationwide recycling services for businesses and organisations that are looking for a simple and efficient way to improve recycling performance, achieve environmental compliance and reduce waste disposal costs.

Does your business need our waste disposal and recycling centre solutions? Call today at 0800 002 9282 and speak to our waste management consultant to discuss your needs or get a quote online (click the button below).

FAQs About Commercial Recycling

Here are some questions that could come to mind for your business when considering commercial waste collection and we are here to answer them!

What is Commercial Recycling?

Commercial waste recycling refers to the reclamation of scrap materials from industries or businesses. It generally does not refer to agricultural waste products, chemical or hazardous waste.

The recycling of industrial waste is an important part of the circular economy. It avoids the environmental impacts of disposing of industrial waste, which can be toxic. It can also be cost effective for businesses.

Industrial waste can be recycled in many ways. For example, scrap metal can be melted down to make new products. Paper waste can be turned into paper pulp. Plastics are often recycled by cleaning them up and reforming them into new products.

Construction waste is counted as commercial grade too. Old materials such as used asphalt shingles or scrap metal sometimes have no market, but other types of materials such as wood, concrete, and bricks can often be reclaimed.

That’s why it makes sense for businesses to take advantage of commercial recycling. Besides the environmental benefits, it will save you money in the long run and can effect lasting change.

What are My Legal Responsibilities for Commercial Waste?

If you are running a business, you are required to safely contain and legally dispose of all waste produced from your premises, this is known as your commercial waste duty of care under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

As part of your duty of care, you may either dispose of your commercial waste yourself or use a commercial waste disposal service (like us!). Whichever option you choose, remember to maintain the records necessary for legally disposing of your commercial waste at hand.

What does Commercial Waste Include?

Waste created from commercial activity is classified as commercial waste. This includes:

  • dry mixed recycling including cardboard, plastic and mixed paper
  • post
  • packaging
  • glass recycling
  • general waste
  • cleaning materials
  • waste and packaging from food and drinks such as plastic bottles
  • smoking litter
  • damaged and scrapped furniture or equipment
  • used oils
  • any other business waste

What Waste Cannot go to Commercial Recycling Centers?

Items that cannot go to recycling centers include things such as ammunition, explosives, fireworks, flares, fuel (such as petrol or diesel), oil tanks, solar panels, tarmac, or clinical and medical waste including needles and syringes.

Contact us for a more comprehensive list of items are can or cannot collect from your business to take to a commercial recycling center.

What is a Commercial Waste Agreement?

All businesses producing any sort of waste on site must arrange for it to be taken away by a recognised trade waste carrier. Inspire Waste Management can help you with this as we have all of the appropriate waste disposal certificates and accreditation.

How to save money through commercial recycling?

Sending waste to landfill is expensive. The average charge at the moment is between £80 and £90 per tonne (including the landfill tax and depending on which area of the UK you’re in) and the cost increases every year as local authorities push businesses and households to recycle more. By removing the below items from your general waste could reduce the weight of items you’re sending to landfill and thus save money by recycling them: Electronic equipment, glass, metals, organic waste, paper, cardboard, plastics, textiles, tyres and wood.