Cardboard Baler Oxford

Cardboard Baler Oxford

Maximise Your Waste Revenue With Cardboard Baler Oxford Rental

A cardboard compactor can help you earn more revenue from cardboard waste.

You will get a better price on bulk cardboard recycling if you bale it before delivering it to the recycler. Whether you need a fully automated cardboard baler or semi-automatic one, both are ideal for flattening cardboard boxes and paper!

Our team of experts can help you find the best waste compactor solution for your company when you are looking for the right equipment. We will help you get a higher value for your bulk recycling, too, at Inspire Waste Management. Talk to one of our experts about renting a cardboard baler in Oxford today!

Cardboard Baler Oxford Pricing

In addition to rental and sales of cardboard balers, we also provide baler accessories to decrease the volume of cardboard waste generated by your business.

Renting a baler can range from £25 per week to £65 per week, depending on its capacity, and we offer full rental and maintenance packages.

For more information about baler sales prices call us today or get a quote below.

Cardboard Baler
Cardboard Baler rental waste services

Is Your Business Looking For A Cardboard Baler To Purchase Or Rent In Oxford

We have easy-to-use balers that are high quality. Services we provide include:

Compact balers for bale weight up to 30kg. Ideal for Oxford offices and shops with limited space. The twin-chamber baler produces bales up to 100kg and is designed for larger businesses with a higher waste volume and more frequent uses of bales.

Warehouse, manufacturing, and industrial use are best suited to mill-sized balers.

Baled cardboard accessories such as ties, bags, strapping, and wire can also be included within our contract.

A full rental and maintenance package is available with 24-hour call out for the waste balers.

Buy Cardboard Baler Oxford

Renting cardboard balers isn’t the only option; you might also want to consider buying one!

In addition to its environmental benefits, baling cardboard can reduce your company’s environmental impact because it has a small footprint. Despite being recyclable, cardboard takes up a lot of space and makes your office look messy. To store everything, you will also need to invest in a lot of storage space. Many times, cardboard boxes take up valuable space, reducing the space available for actual work. If you buy a cardboard baler it will help your Oxford business increase storage space without sacrificing convenience or safety.

Reasons To Buy A Baler Instead Of Renting

Balers allow your company to be more stable in terms of waste handling and waste collection. If you procure and train your own staff rather than relying on an outside team, you can further cut your costs.

While you might not be able to upgrade your baler like you could with a cardboard baler rental, your purchase remains valuable over time. Unless your business is growing a lot and fast, owning a cardboard baler in Oxford may prove more cost-effective.

Aside from the financial benefits, you’re also helping the environment by recycling cardboard with a bought baler for waste materials. You won’t pay landfill taxes when you buy one.

What Will I Get From The InspireWaste Cardboard Baler Oxford Support For My Business?

  • Over the years, we have been renting & selling cardboard balers, baler accessories & waste management throughout the UK.
  • With us, you will receive better than market prices for your bulk waste material recycling.
  • We thrive on offering a flexible service – we will ensure you get the most optimal baler that would work for your business.
  • Our cardboard baler service is transparent and we offer a competitive cardboard baler price.
For more information on our cardboard balers, call us today at 0800 002 9282.