Why should I get my company’s old branded items shredded securely?

Have you re-branded? Time to throw those old branded items in the bin – right?

Depends on the bin!

If you’re throwing them into recycling or the general waste, you could be storing up trouble for your business.

Instead, there’s a compelling case for getting your branded items shredded securely. Here are four great reasons:


  1. You don’t want to dilute your new brand with items containing the old branding, which might still find their way onto the marketplace.

You may have changed your target client, re-positioned your brand in the marketplace, or completely changed the imagery.

Any of that will mean you could have spent thousands of pounds on new logos, letterheaded paper, compliments slips, signage, and workwear.

What was the point if your old branding is till out there undermining your new message?

You may as well have just been throwing your money out of a window!


  1. Fraudsters could get hold of your old branded items. Business cards, flyers, brochures, and workwear could be used to hoodwink your customers. It’s important for your company’s security that your branded items are securely shredded.


  1. Someone could use them to steal your identity – or that of a staff member. Identity thieves are clever. They can piece together the information they need from various documents. Don’t make it easy for them by handing them your phone number, email address, and company number on branded items such as head notepaper or blank invoice or order forms.


  1. You could lose sales. Your old items may well not have the correct contact names or phone numbers on them. That could lead to potential customers becoming frustrated or confused and going to your competitors. Worse still, those staff members who have left may have moved TO your competition, taking their phone numbers with them.


So, how do I choose the right secure shredding service?

You’ll need to consider:

  • Accreditations – Make sure your shredders meet the latest regulations for security and environmental impact. Check out their ISO accreditations.
  • Certificates – Your shredders must give you certification of transfer and destruction. That gives you a great audit trail, something which becomes even more important with the advent of the strict General Data Protection Regulation on May 25.
  • Security – Do they shred at secure sites and are their staff police checked?
  • Testimonials – Get a good feel for a business thanks to testimonials on their website, and on independent review sites. See if there are reviewers in your industry, for example.
  • Cost – Compare prices and the level of service you get for that price. Make sure you’ll get what you need from the provider.
  • Convenience – Will they pick up from your premises and send you certification? The best companies operate to give you a great service at the least inconvenience to your business – just like Inspire Waste.


Need advice on the best shredding options for your business? Call our friendly Inspire Waste team on 0800 002 9282.

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