How can industrial waste services help your business?

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Commercial cleaning service

Industrial services by Inspire Waste Management

Running a business is tough. There’s so much to think about. So, why should you consider using regular industrial waste services?

The short answer is that it could save you a substantial amount of money in the long run and keep you on the right side of the law. It could give you peace of mind.

The longer answer is that industrial cleaning services are often the unsung heroes of manufacturing and warehousing, ensuring legal compliance, good health and safety, and a reliable manufacturing process.

Here’s our at-a-glance guide…

What are industrial waste services?

They are essential cleaning and maintenance services for industrial sites. They include:

  • Cleaning walkways and floors and ensuring they are degreased.
  • Cleaning and degreasing machinery.
  • Emptying, inspecting, and cleaning industrial tanks.
  • Cleaning dust collectors, ducts, and hood exhaust systems.
  • Inspecting hazardous chemicals or hazardous waste storage areas and ensuring any spillages are cleaned safely.

Why should your business use industrial waste services?

There are four key reasons your business should be regularly using industrial waste services:

  1. They help you meet orders – Keeping your site clean and tidy helps to ensure your machinery is running efficiently, allowing you to complete orders in within their deadlines. The last thing you need is machinery breaking down, late completion, and the potential for penalty clauses to be invoked.
  1. They reduce the cost of emergency maintenance – Regular maintenance allows you to keep on top of your costs. Emergency maintenance is always going to be more expensive, and companies will tend to prioritise regular customers over those who pass them work occasionally.
  1. They reduce potential injury costs – By reducing the risk of an accident on site, you reduce the potential costs to your business from staff sickness because of injury, the threat of employees suing the business for compensation, and the potential risks from an investigation by the HSE or local authority after an incident on site.
  1. They help you avoid breaking the law – Health and safety and hazardous waste regulations can be complex, but your business must comply with them or you could face substantial fines. Regularly using industrial services helps to ensure any hazardous waste is stored safely, tanks are checked for leaks, and any spillages are cleared safely and quickly.


How do you choose the right partner for your business?

Big scale cleaning requires solutions that ensure your business does not suffer due to incorrect interpretation of industrial waste management rules. An established and experienced partner will ensure your site is cleaned thoroughly and in accordance to government requirements.

  • Ask for testimonials from past clients, especially looking for those in the same sector as your business.
  • Ensure the company has the right ISO accreditations, as Inspire Waste Management does.
  • Make sure they can meet the environmental and health and safety regulations covering their work.
  • Ask if they will provide you with a full audit trail for any waste items you have removed.
  • Ask to see their waste carrier licence.


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