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Your business might be running smoothly in all aspects, but small tasks often get overlooked. One of these could be how your business waste gets to a commercial recycling centre. So, the next logical question for you is probably; so where are local recycling centres near me?

With over 30 years of experience in managing waste, our team of experts at Inspire Waste Management guarantees the highest standards of local recycling collection while providing the most professional level of service.

Inspire Waste Management offers a national recycling program for companies or organizations seeking a simple and efficient method to boost recycling efficiency, meet the environmental standards and cut down on the cost of disposal. So asking “are there refuse centre near me” is very easy to answer! Though we are based in Gateshead, we can come to you, making your work life much more straightforward.

Now you have your answer on waste disposal sites near me, let’s look at other essential things regarding a typical local recycling centre.

What is Recycling Waste Disposal?

Commercial waste recycling is the sorting of waste products from industries or companies that might be reused. It typically does not refer to agricultural waste products, chemicals and hazardous waste. However, waste management companies (like us!) can still deal with them.

Businesses that receive a lot of packaged goods are often able to use recycled cardboard, plastic and wood packaging materials. The amount of similar products and the effectiveness of bundling them and collection is cost-effective.

Construction waste is also regarded as commercial and can sometimes be taken to a local recycling centre. There aren’t always markets for items such as old asphalt shingles, but concrete, wood, and bricks can be recycled.

What are Examples of Commercial Waste?

Sometimes there can be confusion with what kind of waste is in the commercial recycling category. Still, luckily local recycling centres often follow the same principles across the UK. Commercial waste can be any waste produced by a business! Any recycling produced by your business is deemed commercial waste; this can include packaging, cardboard, paper, cans, and many others. Because the waste you produce is from a business, it can not be treated the same way as regular household waste, meaning you can’t just place it all in a domestic recycling bin.

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What Factors Increase the Cost in Local Recycling Centres?

When discussing your waste disposal services for commercial recycling, there are certain things to consider with the service’s cost. These can depend on:

  • Location
  • Type of waste recycling
  • Volume of recycling
  • Number of required collections

The types of waste recycling refer to whether you need specialist removal services, like handling hazardous materials. This can include pesticides, asbestos, batteries, and sharps, among other items.

There are also environmental benefits in the way types of waste are separated. For example, recycling glass and paper costs less to dispose of than items needing treatment or landfill charges associated with non-recyclable materials.

To find out more about the cost calculating process for waste recycling centre near me, call us today!

Paper waste separation in local recycling centres

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What Happens in Commercial Local Recycling Centres?

Once your recycling has been collected, you may not think about what happens next, but it is a somewhat complex process. Maybe you are thinking, does the recycle centre near me follow the same procedure as others? Most recycling centres have similar techniques throughout, so you can bet that it is comparable. Let’s walk through the recycling stages together, so you have a better understanding of what happens to recyclable objects and how you contribute.

Local recycling centres’ stages in processing waste

  1. Separation
  2. Recycling Collection
  3. Arrival at Local Recycling Centres
  4. Waste Screening
  5. Breaking Down
  6. Purchase

1. Separation

Firstly, it begins with you. You can help us with recycling waste disposal by separating your recycling when disposing of waste. This is important because it allows the rest of the recycling operation to run correctly and smoothly. It ensures as little waste as possible ends up in the landfill. It cuts costs down for you in the long run because segregated waste is cheaper to recycle.

2. Recycling Collection

Next, your recycling is collected by companies like us! We collect it as often as you need, which might be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

3. Arrival at Local Recycling Centres

Your diligently separated recycling then arrives at the local refuse centre, and that’s when machines are involved! An operator will use a machine to manually grab out the biggest pieces of recycling. Once the larger items have been removed, the smaller items can be processed and taken to the waste plant section of the recycling site.

4. Waste Screening

This operation in recycling centres ensures that recyclable items are adequately separated. Unfortunately, individuals do not always bother to separate their recyclable items. We want as little waste to end up in landfills, so this process is vital for the overall environment.

Different screening sizes can allow the smallest elements, such as dust, stones, crushed brick, etc. The next size can filter out larger lumps of debris that may have got mixed up in the recycling bin. At the end of the screening, a magnetic belt is also commonly used to pick out any metals in the commercial recycling waste.

5. Breaking Down

After everything has been sorted and screened, the recyclables can then be broken down into the raw materials necessary for making new products. This process varies depending on the type of material in each recycling centre. Metals can be melted down again. Glass and some plastic products can be crushed or shredded. Paper can be shredded. All of these processes turn the items into raw materials ready for future use.

6. Purchase

Now the raw materials from commercial recycling have been broken down, companies can purchase them to create new products, and the entire life cycle of recyclable objects can be repeated.

Many businesses buy raw materials previously recycled, as many consumers now demand more environmentally friendly products. This means hardly any of what your business has thrown away needs to end up in landfills! Maybe you will be the one to buy the recycled products again, a fascinating turn of events.

Local Recycling Centres for your business waste.

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Why Should I Send My Business Waste to the Local Recycling Centre?

If you are running a business you probably asked yourself which recycling site near me meets the government requirements to dispose of my commercial waste safely. All waste produced on your business premises needs to be disposed of or recycled following the legal guidelines outlined by the government. Inspire Waste Management’s recycling centre follows all of the government’s regulations regarding all types of waste disposal, including local recycling. You will be sure to receive all of the appropriate documentation as proof. The waste disposal regulations can be found under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Why is it Important to Handle Our Waste?

Handling your waste correctly is very important in many ways, which we will discuss. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Conserving Landfill Space – The most apparent positive of handling and recycling your waste appropriately is conserving the space in our landfills! Surely we don’t want to use more valuable room for more landfills with our unwanted items, potentially creating air and water pollution.
  2. Conserving Resources – Recycling isn’t just about conserving space in our landfills; it also helps save our resources on the planet. Many cans, plastic, and packaging of all kinds are prevalent items to recycle. Still, there are also metals and wood that can be recycled.
  3. A Better Future – The mining and manufacturing industry can emit hazardous greenhouse gas emissions, incredibly damaging to the environment. By taking your commercial waste to your nearest recycling centre, you can help produce a more sustainable future. The dangerous emissions produced can be lowered if recycling processes are used more and mining processes are used less. Our natural resources are limited, so recycling is essential!
  4. Saving Energy – Making new materials takes up a lot of energy. Manufacturing these consumer goods and using power can be significantly reduced when things are recycled into products.
  5. Financial and Social Impact – Reducing waste and recycling has a positive effect on our finances as you are only purchasing reused items. If your business only buys what you need, you can save even more money! More jobs are created for people creating a better social impact. This is because the recycling industry is expanding to handle more recycled goods. More people are required to work at a local recycling centre than at a landfill, meaning less unemployment in refuse centres near me.
Local recycling centre process

I Own a Building Company, Can Local Recycling Centres Help Me?

Getting rid of building waste can be a lengthier process than other commercial waste that needs to be recycled.

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In the meantime, here are some things that can help you when trying to recycle the waste your building company produces:


The reduction of waste materials, to begin with, is always a big help no matter what. A lot of heavy waste can be produced when starting a building project, such as rubble, bricks, plasterboard, packaging, glass, timber, and so much more! There are more options nowadays to salvage materials, which can reduce a lot of waste in a project.

It is estimated that 13% of raw materials ordered from building companies are discarded and unused, usually due to over-ordering materials. Accurately estimating the number of materials required for a project at the beginning is an essential step as it can vastly decrease the amount of waste produced. It is often said that it is better to have too much than too little, which is understandable as you don’t want to be caught short at the end of the project! This can be remedied by selecting suppliers that offer ‘take back’ schemes where you can return any unused materials (they also often accept the plastic, wooden pallets, and cardboard packaging the materials arrived in). All of this means none of the leftover materials will end up in the landfill.

Reuse and Recycle

Of course, the obvious thing to do with your commercial waste is to recycle it all, which should happen if you don’t have connections with ‘take back’ suppliers. You can also reuse construction material if the integrity of the product is suitable, such as old bricks, tiles, and timber. Individuals in the past have even made use of rubble from a building site, creating paths and patios from it or creating concrete floors.

The labour costs of dismantling a building to salvage materials can cost more because it takes longer. Still, the environmental benefits and the costs saved in the long run with waste management can pay off in the end. The salvaged materials can then be included in a new project or be handed over to a local refuse centre. You can even sell salvaged materials if you want to!

Most of these methods that can reduce the amount of waste you produce and the amount you need to recycle doesn’t just apply to construction companies. Reusing and recycling are essential in every aspect of limiting waste, so your business can do this.

How Can Inspire Waste Management Help Me?

Our commercial recycling services can help you manage your commercial waste collection from your business, so you can focus on your business. But do you go to waste disposal sites near me? Yes! You don’t need to worry about that; our trusted disposal solutions make sure your waste is recycled in no time!

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