Newcastle Hazardous Waste Company

Any waste produced which is potentially harmful to human health or the environment and not normal trash is categorised as hazardous.
Newcastle Upon Tyne

The right company to deal with your Newcastle hazardous waste.

Our Newcastle hazardous waste company can help and guide you. Whether it’s removing waste chemicals from a factory or asbestos from a house, the waste disposal of hazardous materials can be a legal minefield.

This could be in the form of waste oils or toxic powders, asbestos from demolition sites, electrical or electronic waste, or waste chemicals. Find out more about how to classify different types of hazardous waste.

Newcastle Hazardous Waste Company protects your business with these essentials:

Here are few essential things you need to know to protect yourself and ensure you don’t face a hefty fine:

  • Unlike ordinary waste and recycling and trash pickup, businesses have the legal duty of care to ensure the hazardous waste produced or stored by your company does not harm anyone else or damage the environment.
  • A consignment note is required to transport any commercial hazardous materials unless imported under international waste shipment controls.
  • Your company also needs a consignment note if you’re removing asbestos waste from a domestic property.
  • A reputable waste contractor must be used to carry out the collection.
    You need to ensure your health and safety is protected during removal.

For more details on the regulations, go to the government website: Hazardous waste: consignment note guidance.

Newcastle Hazardous Waste Company

Experts from Newcastle in dealing with Hazardous Waste

Hazardous refuse must be classified and stored correctly. It can only be moved with a right waste consignment note which describes it and how it was made. It’s also illegal to mix hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Why choose Inspire Waste Management as your Newcastle hazardous waste company

  • Our Newcastle hazardous waste company experts have years of experience in waste collection transporting hazardous refuse, and the facilities we use are licensed to process it.
  • You get specialist help with categorising your waste correctly and creating waste consignment notes.
  • You also get certificates of destruction for the hazardous waste which is destroyed.
  • We make the process as simple as possible.
  • Our waste is recycled wherever possible – we never send waste directly to landfills.
  • We give you excellent service at a competitive price.
  • We cover the whole of the UK, including Newcastle city.

How a Newcastle Hazardous Waste Company can help you

Any of your waste classified as hazardous must be sent to a company that is licensed to deal with hazardous refuse and can accept and process it.

You can access our chemist testing facilities to help you identify hazardous materials and categorise them correctly.

Dealing with hazardous refuse incorrectly could land a business or organisation with a substantial fine and face high clear-up costs.

Don’t try to remove hazardous waste yourself or rely on a mate to do it. You need to ensure your health and safety, or that of your staff is protected.

Contact Inspire Waste management – the Newcastle Hazardous Waste Company today to discuss your needs of hazardous refuse disposal in Newcastle.