Solvent Waste Disposal Newcastle

Don’t try to dispose of solvent waste yourself. You need to ensure your health and safety, or that of your staff, is protected.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Looking for Solvent Waste Disposal Newcastle facility?

Are you looking through all of the city of Newcastle’s solvent waste collection companies?We like to think Inspire Waste Management is a super helpful business and we have experts with years of experience dealing with solvents and any commercial and household hazard waste.

The solvent waste disposal Newcastle has to offer (like us!) can help and guide you, whether it’s removing solvent waste from a factory or disposing of hazardous materials (including disposal of liquid waste). This can be a legal minefield so let us help.

Essentials to finding the safe solvent waste disposal Newcastle has to offer

Here are a few essential things you need to know to protect yourself and ensure you don’t face a hefty fine:

  • Businesses have the legal waste duty of care from the local government and city council (including Newcastle city) to ensure any hazardous material produced or stored by your company does not harm anyone else or damage the environment (this includes clinical waste disposal, which we also provide).
  • A consignment note for planning agreements is required for any waste collection that is deemed hazardous and to transport any dangerous solvent waste unless imported under international waste shipment controls.
  • Your company also needs a consignment note if you’re removing asbestos waste from a domestic property.
  • A reputable waste contractor must be used to carry out the waste collection of dangerous solvent materials.
  • You need to ensure your health and safety is protected during removal.
Solvent waste disposal services

Hazardous waste

From waste oil (such as motor oils) to hazardous toxic powders and liquid waste, we can arrange collection of 205ltr drums, 1000ltr/2000ltr IBC and larger tanks for any hazardous chemicals. We also provide spill kits for chemical waste and provide service for solvent and paints disposal.

Don’t proceed with solvent waste disposal by yourself or rely on a mate to do it. You need to ensure your own health and safety, or that of your staff, is protected.

Why choose Inspire Waste Management for solvent waste disposal in Newcastle?

  • Our solvent waste disposal experts in Newcastle have years of experience in collecting and transporting solvent waste and the product destruction. We are also licensed to process it.
  • You get specialist help with categorising your bulk waste correctly and creating waste consignment notes for product destruction.
  • We give you excellent service at a competitive price.
  • You also get certificates of product destruction for the chemical waste disposal which is destroyed.
  • We make the process of hazardous waste disposal as simple as possible.
  • Our waste is recycled wherever possible – we never send waste directly to landfills.