The Complete Guide to a Waste Compactor

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Waste compactors are designed to store your recyclables and waste material, which then get frequently compacted before transport, allowing for less room to be used up than the traditional bin.

Keep reading to learn more about how waste compactor hire could be helpful for your business.

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What is a Waste Compactor?

Waste compactors are machines that allow to reduce the amount of produced rubbish.

They are commonly employed in homes for residential use and offices, schools, commercial businesses and industrial structures.

Waste compactors are a vital element of industrial and commercial waste management programs. Waste compactors are designed to help reduce the amount of space that municipal solid waste (or any waste types) takes up by as much as 90%.

Waste compactors use pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical compressing to push materials into a smaller area.

Waste compressors are useful when it comes to waste handling, allowing for a comprehensive range of waste to be compressed.

From mixed waste and general waste to organic waste and bulky waste, industrial compactors are the perfect solution for efficient waste management with their cost-saving key features.

Waste compactors

How do Compactors Process Waste Material?

Trash compactors operate like small and compact rubbish trucks, reducing trash in volume.

In the beginning, you put waste or debris into the compactor’s bin using the help of a liner bag.

When the compactor closes the lid, you press a machines button or turn a knob, and a ram made of metal smashes and crushes your refuse in smaller chunks.

What are the Benefits of Waste Compactors?

The management of waste is a crucial task that should be carried out regularly. Waste compactors are among the most popular ways of managing refuse.

This is because there are so many benefits to having one for your business, so keep reading to find out what they are!

Health and Safety

Unmanaged or poorly disposed waste material could result in severe hygiene or safety problems.

If debris is packed in a compact way, it is less likely that employees fall, trip or slip and makes it simpler for you to follow the safety rules in your workplace.

By having a waste compressor, you are also eliminating issues with bins, such as rotting waste or the potential for vermin infestation.

If you need to report a pest problem, you can do so on the UK government website.


Waste compactors help save space by making the rubbish smaller and easier to keep, by transforming the bulky trash and recyclables to a smaller size.

Uncompacted trash takes up more space, while compacted rubbish occupies a small percentage of the bin space. This means that working space on your business site could potentially be expanded.

Waste Compactors
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Cutting Costs

Waste management is a vital cost for any business like all others. However, if you don’t have the correct waste management strategy implemented – an efficient one – it could be more costly than it has to be. So you can reduce your waste collection costs with fewer collections!

Through compacting waste, businesses cut operating costs by reducing waste.

A lower volume of waste equals fewer waste collections to pick it up and fewer skips needed to store it, which means less cost for skip hire and lower disposal costs.

The compacted waste, including cardboard, is also more convenient to keep in storage.

This means that you don’t need to buy plastic bin bags, which are an environmentally hazardous and inefficient way to dispose of waste.


Waste compactors require the touch of a button for use, and that’s it!

The compacted refuse is also more convenient to move since it’s just one thing instead of many pieces.

Going to the skips and bins are time-consuming and distracting.

Even though the waste that is compacted may be heavy, it’s much easier to move because of the reasons mentioned above.

Employees can concentrate on the essential business tasks they’re required to complete, not simply taking out the rubbish produced within the business.

Waste Compactor Efficiency

Compactors are fast and straightforward to use.

By simply pressing a button, you’ll effectively compact all the rubbish you produce.

There’s no level of skill you need to work these machines, so I quickly explained to all of the employees, and that’s it!

In the same way, portable compactors can aid in creating a more straightforward waste management procedure.

By occupying less space and being mobile, they allow you to change the structure of your workplace in a matter of minutes.


In addition, waste compactors help clean up, but they also make the business more inviting for workers to be in.

Many people don’t like seeing garbage floating around or lots of bins. Waste piles can be a major eye-sore especially for restaurants that need to deal with food waste recycling.

Compactors can eliminate the need for many containers and waste overflows and transform unsightly spaces into organized ones.

Environmentally Friendly

As we’ve said, waste compaction means a less physical amount of rubbish in all its forms, and fewer trips are required to take it away. However, the primary benefit is a lower carbon footprint associated with waste disposal.

Fewer miles are needed to travel between your location and the recycling centre or a landfill because of this.

Running your business with excellent waste management, minimal environmental impact, and improved efficiency can significantly impact your business image as more and more people put that at the forefront of what they are looking for in a business.

You also reduce your carbon footprint and pollutant emissions (from plastic or other materials).

Greener, efficient firms are more prevalent in today’s consumer market, and eco-friendly practices can aid in obtaining tax-free relief from the government.

If you can do something as easy as compacting waste, you could boost your competitive advantage.

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What are the Different Types of Waste Compactors?

Refuse compactors come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the requirements your business needs fulfilling, a specific types of static compactors or portable compactors might be better than others for your range of waste.

Static compactors

Designed for factories, static compactors are bolted into place. They are ideal for churning through high volumes of bulky and dry waste.

A large static compactor typically contains chambers that range from 1 to 4 cubic yards in capacity.

Stationary compactors are easy to empty by taking them out and replacing the skip with skip lift vehicles.

Vertical compactors

These compactors squash the waste materials down into a removable container as opposed to a static compactor; therefore, they can safely be transported from the compactor.

The wet waste held inside the compactor can be held there until you remove it, making your business waste disposal less messy with less hassle.

Twin compactors

This disposal machine is designed to reduce the amount of floor space used up and is economical since there aren’t two separate machines. This results in more productivity.

Twin compactor offers two compartments, in which you have two different waste streams for different types of waste (run separately and not in the same bale).

Each refuse stream gets an individual chute, leading to a single compactor.

A little smaller than the standard vertical compactor, this compactor is about two cubic yards and allows multiple compactors to be used simultaneously and still process medium volumes of waste.

Suitable for an apartment site as each container can be used for different refuse removal such as recyclable cardboard, paper metal or plastic in one container and general waste in the other.

Portable compactors

Portable waste compactors are built to be completely mobile, like a skip that has compaction machines integrated.

This kind of rubbish disposal container is typically handled by an external company, which will then remove the entire unit to take it away.

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How Can Inspire Waste Management Help with a Waste Compactor?

Here at Inspire Waste Management, we have years of experience providing compactor hire services in the UK.

We know all the tips and tricks, and we can help you decide what would be suitable for your business.

Our experts can discuss waste collection volume and site disposal costs to help you develop a plan designed specifically for your business.

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We’ll help you get the best price for bulk recycling, and get the right skips, tankers, compactors, or balers for your business.

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