3 key ways a waste consultant could save your project money

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Waste Management Service

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Are you planning a project which will generate waste?

From expanding your premises to installing new manufacturing processes, it’s important you’re your business considers the impact and cost of waste at the outset.

Hiring a waste management consultant is something which will help you in three key ways:

  1. It helps you factor in all waste costs from the start. With the help of a consultant, you can examine the types and amounts of waste your project will be producing and the sort of solutions you will need to deal with it. If you’re installing a new manufacturing process, you may need tankers to deal with waste chemicals or water, skips to deal with off-cuts, and hazardous waste handlers to deal with electronic or chemical waste. You may forget to factor in some of the more ‘hidden’ costs such as the costs of dealing with confidential waste shredding or packaging from components. The good thing about having a dedicated waste consultant is that they are experienced in looking for all these costs. That way, you will have no unforeseen surprises with expensive solutions
  2. It helps you source bespoke waste solutions which match your budget, some of which might earn you money back. An experienced consultant has excellent contacts and the latest moves in the marketplace at their fingertips. Give them a budget and they will seek out the best options for you, tailoring the solutions you find to your business needs. In fact, you may earn money back on some waste, such as recyclables like glass, cardboard, and paper, and some oils or chemicals.
  3. It helps you comply with the law. Waste consultants are aware of the laws regarding the storage and handling of waste. For example, they know how you classify hazardous waste, how it should be stored, the consignment notes you need to move it, how a waste handling company should be certified to handle it, and how health and safety should be protected in the process. They also know which companies have the relevant ISO classifications to deal with confidential waste such as documents or old hard drives, and the potential penalties for data breaches if these matters are mishandled. Hiring an experienced waste consultant helps avoid nasty surprises from enforcement action.

If you’re thinking of leasing or buying equipment to help your business process waste, a waste consultant can help you make the right choice for your circumstances.

They can help you work out the potential return on any investment by looking at the cost, how much that could save on external waste handling costs, and whether your business could find a new revenue stream from selling on some waste items.

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