Did you know that reviewing the options for waste disposal in hotels could save you money and make your business more sustainable?

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Waste disposal in hotel

When it comes to waste disposal in hotels, being a responsible business and acting in a sustainable manner can make a big difference to the bottom line and how clients perceive you.

Many guests don’t just want a comfortable room, wonderful food, and a welcoming atmosphere, they also want to stay somewhere they know is taking its responsibilities seriously. Hotel chains such as Accor and Hilton are responding to increasing customer demand on these issues by ditching plastic straws, designing carbon-neutral buildings, and reducing their use of printed materials.

So, it’s time to examine how reviewing the options for waste disposal in hotels with our commercial bin collection services could help you become more sustainable and reduce your costs.

What sort of waste do hotels produce?

  • Food waste– This accounts for more than 40% of the waste produced by hotels, industry insiders say. This covers everything from food which is uneaten to waste cooking oils. The UK’s food sector produces 3,415,000 tonnes of waste every year and 1,473,000 tonnes are sent for disposal. The sheer volume of food waste from a large hotel can be difficult for staff to deal with, and many managers choose to employ specialist waste management companies to do that. Food waste can be composted and used to grow more food or used to generate energy in anaerobic digestors, rather than being sent to landfill.
  • Electronic and electrical items– Most hotel rooms have a TV, and remote, a phone, a smartphone charger, a hairdryer, a trouser press, a kettle, lightbulbs, light fittings, batteries, and an air conditioning unit. They will need replacing and the old items will need to be dealt with under WEEE rules. Many of these items can be broken up and recycled.
  • Waste heating oils– Some hotels, especially those in countryside areas, will have oil-based heating systems. Any waste heating oil will need to be dealt with properly.
  • Waste cleaning chemicals– Many hotels buy their cleaning chemicals in bulk and any waste chemicals need to be dealt with by a waste operator with the right licences.
  • Room refurbishment waste– Most hotels have an ongoing programme of refurbishments which generates waste such as old furniture, showers, baths, tiles, and interior walls. Sometimes, this can also mean the discovery of hazardous waste in old buildings, such as asbestos panels. This needs to be stored, transferred, and disposed of correctly according to stringent hazardous waste regulations.
  • Bulk recycling– Many hotels create a great deal of cardboard packaging waste, and their bars and restaurants create glass, plastic, and aluminium can waste. Getting the best price for this bulk recycling can help offset the other costs of dealing with your waste.

Why should waste disposal in hotel be outsourced, instead of dealing with it yourself?

Outsourcing the disposal of it frees up your time and helps save you money – you don’t have to pay someone in-house to do that.

Having a licensed waste contractor means you will meet all your legal obligations. They will know how to ensure you have the right paperwork such as transfer notes, that your waste ends up with a facility licensed to deal with it, and that you have an audit trail of certifications to prove that your hotel is acting responsibly.

How do you choose the right company for waste disposal in hotels?

You need a company with a successful track record in hotel waste disposal, such as Inspire Waste Management. They will understand the complex regulations and will carry out disposal correctly.

Choosing a company licensed for and with experience of disposing of hazardous waste, WEEE waste, construction waste, chemicals and oils, and large scale food waste will mean that all your waste disposal needs are taken care of in one place. You won’t need to outsource different aspects of your hotel waste to different companies, streamlining your processes and helping to keep costs down.

A company such as Inspire Waste with experience of getting you the best price for bulk recycling could also help your hotel’s bottom line.

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