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by | May 19, 2016 | Waste Management Service

Firstly, welcome to our website dedicated to waste management.

I’m Richard Tucker, the director of the Inspire Waste Management, and I thought I’d start the blog rolling with some frequently asked questions.

What size bin do I need?

We offer a wide range of bins to suit all needs, often businesses start with a like for like swap from their previous supplier, we can always swap the size of bin later in your contract if you find your needs change.

How much does it cost to manage my waste?

Waste management companies are notorious for hidden charges, at InspireWaste we do it differently. We are clear and transparent on costs and give you the price quote with no hidden extras.

Who should I call if I have a problem?

All service enquirers should be directed to our service team on 0800 002 9282.

Do I need to leave my bin out the night before ?

Only if your bin is kept inside or in a locked compound, for the vast majority of customers there is no need to move your bin around.

What if my bin gets stolen ?

Bins can be expensive to replace. We always advise our customers to take out container insurance – this way you can have peace of mind no additional bills will be coming your way.

Do you provide any waste certification?

Yes! We supply the required waste disposal certificate to clients ranging from FTSE 300 companies, to large charitable organisations for each waste collection, transportation and disposal that requires it. You also get certificates of destruction for the hazardous waste disposal services completed by Inspire Waste Management.

If you want to find out more about InspireWaste please contact us or email us at enquiries@inspirewaste.co.uk.

Inspire Waste Management offers waste services anywhere in the UK

Our experienced, expert staff will help you navigate the complex rules for dealing with hazardous waste, electronic and electrical waste, and confidential waste.

We’ll help you get the best price for bulk recycling, and get the right skips, tankers, compactors, or balers for your business.

We’ll also help you make the most of your budget with our waste consultancy and project planning and transparent, flat rate quotes.

So, when it comes to your waste, it pays to get Inspire-d!

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