What is a Baler Machine?

by | May 1, 2022 | Cardboard Baler

A cardboard baler machine is used to compact and crush cardboard before it is taken away to be recycled.

You may associate a baler with hay presses, a hay bale and a tractor, but they aren’t just limited to farming.

They can also be used to break materials down for recycling; items such as cans, carpets, soft plastic and hard plastic.

This means that your business can be as green efficient as possible in the long run without taking up valuable office space or risking employee safety.

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What is a baler machine?

You will often find a cardboard baler machine being used by a large business or other operations such as a hospital or a commercial or industrial warehouse.

This means that they don’t have to store their waste in bins for a long time which may be a risk to human or environmental health in the long run.

The materials you can put into a waste baler machine include:

  • Cardboard and paper (these are known as industrial balers)
  • Soft and hard plastic recycling
  • Scrap metal such as cans and other aluminium materials
  • Natural materials, such as hay
  • Textiles, wrapping and other similar materials

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Types of bailing machine:

The size of the baling chamber will depend upon what materials and the bale weight you will be compacting. On the market there is a versatile selection of waste baler machinery on offer.

Most balers are defined as being one of two types, either vertical or horizontal balers.

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Horizontal balers:

Horizontal balers are used to compress and crush a large amount of recyclable waste. There are two kinds of horizontal balers:

Closed end baler (also known as Block end baler or Semi-auto baler):

A close end baler is ideal for a business that needs to compact low volume cardboard waste quickly, as they can crush 3-5 bales an hour but only one at a time. There are multiple types of feeding/chute openings and options for configuration rollers.

You can use conveyors easily with this kind of waste baler machine, which means you can run your business as efficiently as possible without having to pay the cost of hiring a third-party waste management company.

These are the most basic and simple of all the waste balers on the market today, meaning your staff won’t require a large amount of training in order to use it.

Open ended baler (Fully automatic baler):

A open-ended baler machine, by comparison, is on the highest end.

They are heavy duty and mostly intended for compacting huge amounts of cardboard waste at a time. They could work well for medium volume organisations without a lot of space available.

They are also capable of crushing multiple kinds of waste at once, instead of just one type at a time (e.g. the close end baler).

There is no need to manually tie together the bales created by this kind of machine, as the open-ended version does this itself, successfully reducing labour cost and time.

It can be run continuously and requires very little maintenance over time due to its efficiency.


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How does a baler work?

A waste baler machine for cardboard works much the same as other balers.

The waste that needs to be compacted is fed into the opening (either manually or automatically depending on the machine) where it will arrive in the bale chamber.

The loading process for these machines will depend upon the kind of material being compacted; some models work alongside a conveyor to make it easier to feed the material into the chamber.

This is then crushed via a hydraulic cylinder into the optimal bale sizes and bale weight for your kind of waste; for example, if you have a round baler, this will be the shape of your compacted waste. For larger materials, a mill size baler may be more beneficial.

Once the baled material reaches a particular bale weight, it will then be removed through the integrated bale kickers. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary; the larger your baler machines, the more they can handle at any given time without losing power.

It is possible to keep these machines rolling long term for maximum efficiency, meaning your waste will become an easily transportable bale in no time.

When is a bailing machine used?

A baling machine is used to compact cardboard and other materials before commercial recycling.

If you have one of your own, this will save you the additional costs of using a third party company to do the compacting for you. it is possible to make your compacted waste into particular shapes depending on the materials used; one of the most common is a round bale.

For businesses and other aspects of the sector that generate high amounts of waste (such as cardboard boxes), a cardboard baler can be highly effective and beneficial. A mill size baler is ideal for larger businesses while also being a practical shape for your workspace.

If you have a labour-intensive business, you could also cut down on the amount of time spent disposing of cardboard manually.

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Where would I find bailing equipment?

The most common industries that you’ll find a baler machine is anything that generates a large amount of recyclable waste. You can also find baling machines in settings such as:

  • Restaurants. The majority of food comes in packaging, which will normally be compacted and passed on alongside other recyclable waste.
  • Distribution and fulfilment centres. As the majority of packages being shipped around the UK will be in a cardboard box and suppliers will often have an overflow of cardboard waste if they don’t use a baling machine to create more space and less of a possibility of risk. Baled material take up less inventory space for businesses.
  • Retail stores are likely to need their waste baled quickly and efficiently to reduce inventory space being taken up by unnecessary packaging which can limit the safety of staff. Keeping your cardboard in a bale rather than loose will save on space as well.
  • Garden centres. This form of business will require more than a cardboard baler, due to most soils and fertilisers coming in plastic bags. It is also possible to get waste balers that are capable of compacting natural waste, including soil and plants. These are known as roto balers. Leading manufacturers facilities are the businesses you are most likely to find using a high scale waste baler. This is because the manufacturing process of items will create high levels of left over materials, which can then be used to produce bales. These warehouses are most likely to use a mill size baler.
  • Cardboard balers are often used in recycling centres if cardboard hasn’t already been broken up. These will often be mill size bales, which are the largest you can get. National and local recycling centres collect different types of plastics, straw and similar materials which can be reused. This means there will often be a steady flow of a variety of different types of baler running inside as waste is collected.

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How is a cardboard baler machine useful in a business or commercial setting?

Baler machines are environmentally friendly as none of your cardboard waste will end up in a landfill thanks to being recyclable materials.

Inspire Waste Management will even take your cardboard waste and find you the best market value for it meaning you can earn from what you recycle!

It also means that your office or warehouse space won’t be overwhelmed by waste you produce that could be reused in the future simply using the power of a waste baler machine.

Alongside these benefits, you will also find that owning your own cardboard baler will cut down on the amount of money you have to spend on commercial waste collection, compacting and disposing your waste in the long term.

This form of economical waste compaction is ideal for larger businesses with a high volume of waste, whether it be construction or other commercial sectors.

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