Cardboard Baler Rental north east

Cardboard Baler Rental VS Purchase

Cardboard Baler Rental vs Purchase

Cardboard Baler Rental vs Purchase

Perhaps your business is growing and you have a large amount of cardboard piling up in your space, so investing in waste equipment may be a good idea! Having a cardboard baler (horizontal baler or vertical baler of any size) can be very handy when this occurs, but should you rent or purchase it? In this article, we will be discussing what cardboard balers are, what their benefits are, and what you should consider when deciding whether a cardboard baler rental is the best option for you or buying one outright is the way to go.

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What are Cardboard Balers and How Do Cardboard Balers Work?

Cardboard balers are a type of trash compactor and waste recycling equipment. They are machines that can take large amounts of cardboard and compress them into a compact bale.

A cardboard baler makes recycling your cardboard much easier to handle. This waste recycling equipment transforms loose boxes into bales, much like you see hay bales on a farm. Crushed bales of cardboard are highly sought after by recyclers that want quality cardboard bales. Cardboard baling equipment is also a cheaper way of waste recycling management, which has the added benefit of being much better for the environment. There are different types of balers, but whether you have a vertical baler or horizontal baler, they still produce qualifying bales that recyclers would want to purchase.

A cardboard balers or compactors are pretty much a replacement for cardboard bins (cart dumpers) you can get for your business waste. However, cardboard bins of any size do not offer effective waste management, whereas a horizontal baler or vertical baler of any size is. Whole boxes can take up an awful lot of space, and if you flat-pack it, it still takes up labour time.


Cardboard Baler Rental

Cardboard Baler Rental


Do I Need a Cardboard Baler Rental?

Suppose your business is spending over £10 a week on average on the disposal of cardboard. In that case, you might want to consider getting a month rental cardboard baler. Upgrading your waste processing operations could definitely improve your business. Even if you’re not spending that much, you could still want baler equipment if you produce a steady stream of cardboard.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Cardboard Baler Rental?

Let’s start with discussing how renting equipment for waste recycling could be better for your business.


By transporting cardboard in compact blocks, it becomes more profitable because large volumes of loose cardboard are less manageable for others who will handle it, therefore, costing more.

Bin lift costs are also increasing each year because the government is encouraging more domestic and workplace recycling. The taxes of landfills are increasing each year as well, and the higher charges of these things all get passed down to the business owners when managing their waste. Even if the cardboard bin isn’t full or overflowing, the costs are all the same across the board.

Another excellent benefit of having cardboard baler for rent is that recyclers who want your waste recycling will often collect the cardboard bales for free (or a small fee), making this option even more cost-effective. Prices fluctuate depending on your location and the current market value. Still, if you have a lot of recyclable materials, they could even pay you per tonne of dry and already baled cardboard. In this case, the rental options of a trash compactor could be more economical than buying baling equipment

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Having a cardboard baler rental means those pesky cardboard cart dumpers can be removed from your site, freeing up more space. Baled cardboard can be neatly stacked in a corner, but loose cardboard occupies more space.

Time and Efficiency

Cardboard baler rental options mean less time needs to be spent loading and unloading cardboard, and it won’t need to be completed so frequently, but the bale size are taking up less space. It saves time for your staff who have to flat-pack the cardboard, a mind-numbing and time-wasting task. Balers help the entire recycling process go quicker and allows your business to be more efficient.

Environmental Aspects

Having a cardboard baler rental on-site can increase your green credentials quickly. Recycling your cardboard is infinitely better for the environment than sending it off to the landfill. It shows a caring attitude towards our planet when an inspection occurs for health and safety and waste management checks.


A cardboard baler rental package (like the ones we offer) can offer you the freedom to upgrade or downgrade your balers or compactors depending on whether the trash compactor is meeting your expectations or not. This method makes it simpler than if you were to buy a baling equipment outright.


Cardboard Baler Rental in North East

Cardboard Baler Rental Collection in North East


What Are The Benefits of Buying a Cardboard Baler?

So we have looked at the benefits of rental options of cardboard balers, but there are still reasons why buying a baler could be an asset to your company.


Owning over renting a cardboard baler can provide your business with consistency and stability. Suppose your company has risen in the ranks already. In that case, you might not see the need to upgrade or downgrade your trash compactor, and less frequent changes to your system would also mean less time having to train your staff with new waste recycling equipment. Staff familiarity with your baler equipment could mean less support needed and preventative maintenance.

You might not have the same upgrade options as a cardboard baler month rental. However, your baler retains value even over time, so your initial investment in the baling equipment can still be redeemed if you need to make a change.

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Just like with a waste compactor rental, buying balers or compactors still offers all the same financial benefits. Having a bought baler still means your cardboard is getting compacted and can still be sold to recyclers and save you money without the landfill taxes.

Look at our other article discussing the upsides of having a cardboard baler for even more information!

How is Cardboard Recycled?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of a waste compactor rental, let’s take a brief detour and look at how your cardboard is recycled once it is taken from your premises. Here is the process, step-by-step:

  • After your cardboard is baled with the baler equipment, it is taken to a mill and shredded into small pieces.
  • Next, it is put into a pulping machine at the manufacturing facilities where water and other chemicals are added, breaking down the cardboard into small fibres
  • Any ink and tape from the cardboard remnants are removed, and the paper fibres then start bonding together.
  • The fibres are rolled and dried after this and sent off to make new products. Half of all corrugated cardboard is recycled into new recyclable materials, and the remaining parts are downcycled into other paper products.


Cardboard Baler

Cardboard Baler


Why Should Businesses Recycle Cardboard?

Benefits of having a cardboard baler pretty much cover the assets you would gain if your business started compacting and recycling your cardboard (which hopefully you already are!) But in case you’re not, here are some other reasons why you should be recycling cardboard.

Gaining More High-Quality Employees

Perhaps you think it isn’t possible for recycling to impact the employees who might want to work for you. However, it has been shown that the younger generation now beginning to enter the workforce has a strong ethicacy in working in a more sustainable workplace. One in ten millennials even admitted they would be willing to quit their job if their employer didn’t have sustainable initiatives in place (such as recycling). Of course, they are coming out of education and looking for jobs, so if you want them to find your business more desirable, start recycling your cardboard!

Gain More Customers

Like potential employees, the same can be said for potential customers. More customers are looking to associate with ‘green’ businesses. People are trying to make conscious efforts[1] to be more sustainable themselves, which stretches towards the companies they make purchases from. Suppose you are able to show the sustainable initiatives you are taking. In that case, they might be more attracted to your business than a competitor who doesn’t have a trash compactor and recycle their cardboard. So, yet another reason to invest in a cardboard baler!

Better For the Environment

Although this was briefly mentioned when discussing the benefits of a cardboard baler rental, there are many more positives to protecting our planet. Although it boosts your green credentials, here’s why it helps our world:

  • Saves energy – less energy is needed to recycle or reuse cardboard material than to produce it from scratch.
  • Prevents global warming[2] – cardboard and paper are the fifth largest industrial energy consumer globally, so recycling cardboard uses 65% less energy. When we reduce our consumption of new products and have more recyclable materials, we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Saves our forests – trees themselves help reduce global warming because they breathe carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. But when we recycle a ton of cardboard and paper, that’s 17 trees saved in our forests, and they continue protecting our planet.
  • Less waste in the landfills – our landfills fill up extremely quickly, but if we recycle more, that will not be in the landfill, which is only a good thing!


What Size of Cardboard Baler Rental Would I Need?

If you’re planning to get your cardboard baler from Inspire Waste Management, our balers are high quality and simple to use; this is what we can supply and which you should go for:

  • Small offices and shops – a small baler (or ‘apartment style compactors’) capable of making 30kg cardboard bales.
  • Larger businesses – a twin-chamber baler capable of producing 100kg cardboard bales.
  • Industrial sites (warehouses, manufacturers, etc.) – a mill-size baler that fits the area.

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Will I Need a Portable or Stationary Compactor Cardboard Baler?

It isn’t just the size of a cardboard baler you would need to consider for your business equipment rental, but also whether you would need a stationary compactor to move or not.

If you need a larger baler with a bigger interlock system, they tend to be static. You would need a dedicated transfer station for the machine in your business, so you have a place for the loading cards and bale size. On the other hand, perhaps your business only requires a small cardboard baler. This could be because you only deal with small amounts of cardboard or have a small amount of space on your business premises. In this case, a portable baler would be the best for you and your waste processing operations. You’ll be able to move it around your site to where you need it at that time.

We also supply both cardboard baler for rent or purchase, so you can choose whether you have it permanently or on a less permanent basis. Our full cardboard baler rental package includes maintenance and 24-hour call-out services.

Would a Vertical Baler or Horizontal Baler be the Best for Me?

The final question you need to ask when considering getting a cardboard baler for rent is whether you want a vertical cardboard baler or horizontal baler.

Heavy duty vertical balers are fed cardboard from the top with an interlock system, and it compresses the material from top to bottom. This way, the bales tend to be self contained, smaller in size and the best recycling solution for businesses with less cardboard waste. However, a horizontal baler is counted with commercial trash compactors which are more suitable for industrial companies with large amounts of cardboard waste. These selfcontained compactors can be fed cardboard through numerous other machinery items such as bin tippers, forklift trucks, conveyors, and chutes. They can churn a lot of cardboard out, saving on processing time and staff time alike.

Cardboard Baler Accessories

Cardboard Baler Accessories


What Accessories Come With a Cardboard Baler?

Along with the actual baler, some baling equipment accessories can be needed for your cardboard bales, and we offer these:

  • Baling Wire – a wire with high tensile strength that binds the cardboard bales.
  • Baler Strapping – also known as baling tape, is excellent for compacting awkward loads of cardboard. It is a strong material that can be used in a baler as an alternative to wire.
  • Baler Twine – a soft heavy-duty rope available to tie baler boxes.
  • Baler Bags – large heavy-duty sacks of cloth or paper to hold cardboard bales without compression.

Here are the  costs of the accessories around our rental program. Our baler twine costs around £100 for four reels, whereas a bundle of baling wire is approximately £40. We also offer baler trollies to buy for your cardboard bales for around £140 each.

How Much Does a Cardboard Baler For Rent Cost?

Here at Inspire Waste Management, we were passionate about recycling cardboard (and other materials, of course!) It sits at our core values within the company! If you are considering getting a cardboard baler for rent or purchase, we can help you.

We have years of experience when it comes to baler equipment and their accessories and other kinds of waste equipment and management that you can take a look at on our website. Our rental program services are flexible for renting equipment, and we would be more than happy to have a chat with you about your business needs and which waste equipment would be the most suitable for you.

Our cardboard baler prices depend on the capacity of the baler you need and the bale size; it ranges from £15 to £50 per week. Call 0800 002 9282 or email to purchase, rent or arrange maintenance services to go along with our cardboard baler rentals.


1. ‘How Businesses Can Support a Circular Economy’ (for cardboard, plastics, waste handling and other recycling tips) published in The Harvard Business Review (2016) by Terence Tse, Mark Esposito, and Khaled Soufani.
2. ‘Recycling of paper: accounting of greenhouse gases and global warming contributions’ (discussing preventative maintenance in manufacturing facilities when considering cardboard, plastics and other recyclable materials in recycling solution) published in The Journal for a Sustainable Circular Economy (2009) by Hanna Merrild, Anders Damgaard, and Thomas H. Christensen.

Other Sources

Enhancing Industrial Sustainability by Improving Resource Efficiency’ (baler and compactor recycling tips for businesses) published in ACEEE (2015) by Dillip Thangamani, Jun-Ki Choi, and Kelly Kissock.

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Should you rent, lease, or purchase a cardboard baler for your business?

If your business produces a lot of cardboard waste, it’s time to consider getting a cardboard baler.

It could save your business money, earn you the best price for your bulk waste, and help you prove your recycling credentials to your customers.

So, should you buy, rent, or lease a cardboard baler?

Here’s our handy guide to help you make an informed decision.

Why should we all recycle cardboard?

The simple answer is that it saves trees and reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.

Of course, if we’re cutting down trees, they aren’t helping us take excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Plus, we’re rapidly running out of landfill space and the costs are only going to spiral.

Making cardboard from scratch requires wood pulp from felled trees and involves a process using several chemicals. In fact, a tonne of cardboard made this way uses almost three tonnes of wood.

Making it from recycled cardboard means that trees don’t have to be felled, it cuts many of the chemicals out of the process and reduces the energy used.

Did you also know that for every tonne of cardboard recycled, more than six cubic metres of landfill space is saved?

In the UK, 84% of all the corrugated cardboard we use is recycled, which means two million tonnes a year is saved from landfill.

We could do better when it comes to other forms of cardboard and paper, though, as around seven million tonnes a year is still going to landfill.

How is cardboard recycled?

The waste cardboard is chopped up into small pieces and mixed with water to form a slurry.

Any foreign items such as metals or plastic are removed at this stage, and then the cardboard paste is pressed until it achieves the correct consistency and dried. More water is added as the paste, called the noodle, is processed.

It’s then pressed into the thickness required, dried again, and used to create new cardboard for boxes or packaging or chipboard.

Why should businesses recycle cardboard?

Sending waste to landfill is an expensive business.

Including landfill tax and depending on which part of the UK businesses operate in, the average charge is around £130 per ton, and £85 of that figure would be landfill tax.

So, it makes business sense to ensure the smallest amount possible is sent to landfill and everything you can recycle is recycled. Otherwise, it can all add up to a substantial bill.

There are also the costs of waste and recycling collections. If you throw uncompacted cardboard boxes into your skip, you’ll fill that volume up much more quickly than if you used a baler for compaction. You’ll need more collections per month, quarter, or year.

So, a decision not to bale it could be costing you dearly.

On the flip side of the coin, sending cardboard for recycling could earn your business revenue to offset the costs of dealing with it.

The recycling of cardboard can be from free to a rebate of £50 when trading conditions are good, something which could be a welcome boost to your bottom line.

Having sustainable recycling policies is also great PR for a business.

Many consumers now also look at eco-friendly credentials before they decide to buy. 

What are the benefits of using a baler?

When it comes to disposing of your cardboard waste, transportation is a huge part of the cost.

The more volume you transport, the more it costs.

So, one easy way to reduce costs is to reduce the volume of the weight you send for recycling.

A baler uses tonnes of force to compact that cardboard waste, reducing the volume by up to 90%, so more of it fits into a lorry’s container for transportation.

It also turns a business liability into something which is an immediately sellable material.

When baled waste reaches its destination, recycling companies will be looking for baled waste which reduces their cost of processing it. Unbaled waste would have to be baled by their own staff.

That means your business would earn less for it.

A baler could also help your site become tidier and safer, removing piles of empty boxes which could become a fire or trip hazard and freeing up precious floor space.

Should you rent a baler?

This is a cost-effective and flexible method of getting a baler for your business.

Renting monthly allows you to have all the benefits without a major capital outlay, keeping the funds in your business for other things such as hiring staff or buying in raw materials. It also allows you to scale up easily by taking on a larger baler if more waste is being produced.

Rental agreements can also come with servicing and 24-hour breakdown repair, ensuring your business can run smoothly even if something does go wrong. Regular servicing also helps reduce the number of consumables you need.

What are the costs? – Between £15 and £50 a week.

Should you lease a baler?

Lease agreements tend to be longer-term than rental agreements, often 12 to 60 months.

So, business owners who know they’ll need a baler for a lengthy period may find a better deal by leasing and fixing their costs.

There are two types of lease, lease to buy and lease rental, which is a hire agreement where you don’t own the equipment at the end of the lease.

These agreements can also have tax benefits as lease rental is 100% tax deductible. All the payments you make for the baler can be written off against your company’s tax bill. 

What are the costs? – Leases tend to be the rental cost plus 8% flat rate interest, which can add up to 40% compound interest over a five-year lease. Typically, that could add up to £3,500 for a small baler over five years and £7,500 for a medium baler over the same period.

Should you buy a baler?

Buying a baler involves an immediate capital outlay, sometimes running into thousands of pounds.

A service or maintenance contract would also have to be negotiated separately, but most new balers come with a six or 12-month warranty. 

What are the costs? – New small balers cost around £3,500. Large, new balers can cost around £12,000. A good second hand small baler would still cost between £2,000 and £3,500.

How do you choose the right cardboard baler for your site?

Getting the correct baler is a matter of matching the equipment to the size of your business and the output of cardboard waste you produce. Here’s your at-a-glance checklist of the questions you need to ask:

  1. How much cardboard does your business produces every month?
  2. How much space does your business have?
  3. What’s the size and type of baler most suitable for your business?
  4. Do you need a portable or static baler?
  5. How much will you need to budget for consumables and accessories?

Vertical v horizontal balers – Vertical balers are fed at the top and compress items from top to bottom, so they tend to be smaller in size and are more suited to businesses with small to medium amounts of cardboard waste. A vertical baler would suit most UK businesses. Horizontal balers are perfect for industrial amounts of card as they can be fed can be fed from a conveyor, chute, forklift truck, or bin tipper. They automate a good deal of the process to save on staff time, too.

Small v large balers – You’ll need to weigh up the amount of your cardboard waste against the size of your site. Smaller premises such as shops or offices will need a smaller baler making 30kg bales. Larger businesses will need a twin-chamber baler which produced 100kg bales. Industrial premises will need a mill-sized baler making bales of up to 450kg. Check out the specifications on each baler to see which would suit your needs and take into account how much space you’ll need to store cardboard before processing.

Static v portable balers – Will you need to move your baler around your site? If so, a portable baler would be the best option for your business, especially if you’re dealing with small to medium amounts of cardboard waste and have limited space. Larger balers tend to be static, so you’ll need a permanent site with enough space for loading card.

Getting expert advice – Talking to waste management consultants with decades of experience in the field, like ours at Inspire Waste Management, will help you work out all the issues you need to consider when choosing a baler. They can carry out a site survey and help you calculate the accurate volume of waste you produce.

Budgeting for accessories – You’ll need to ensure you have enough in the budget for accessories such as baler oil, strapping, wire, and bags. 

Baling twine costs around £100 for four reels, while a compact baler trolley will cost around £140 and a bundle of baling wire costs around £40.

Are you looking for a company with expert waste management consultants, like Inspire Waste Management, who can help you get the right cardboard baler for your business? Call our friendly Inspire Waste team on 0800 002 9282.


Could baler hire be the right decision for your business in 2020?


Are you considering baler hire for your business in 2020?

We tend to review our costs and look at ways of attracting more money into our businesses at the start of every year, so we should now be looking at creative ways of getting the best deal for our bulk waste.

Baler hire could help you achieve that.

What are the key benefits of baler hire?

  • Your bulk waste transportation costs are cut – The baler compacts your cardboard or paper waste, meaning more bundles can fit on a lorry to be transported. Baled waste also tends to attract higher bulk waste prices than unbaled waste, as the buyer won’t have to bale it themselves.
  • You can upgrade without the cost of buying new equipment – A baler would cost between £2,500 and £12,000 to buy, depending on the size and whether you choose new or second hand, but the cost of renting can be as little as £80 per month.
  • You preserve the capital in your business – Rather than spending a lump sum on buying a baler, you spread the cost of having it in a monthly rental. This allows you to spend the cash on expanding your workforce, for example.
  • You can get an agreement which includes maintenance – This helps you to avoid costly break-downs and keeps your business running smoothly.

How do you choose the right option?

There are important questions you need to ask in order to get the right fit for your business.

  1. How much bulk waste does your business produce? The larger the amount of waste, the larger the baler you will need to cope with it. A standard 60-inch cardboard baler would produce around two bales of 50 cubic feet per hour.
  2. What space do you have to site a baler? The larger the baler, the larger the space you will need to house it, have safe space around it, and store your bulk waste.
  3. Will your floor take the weight of a baler? This is especially important if you choose a large baler. Businesses with first-floor offices and above should ensure the floor can take the weight of the baler and the stored waste.
  4. Do you need your baler to deal with more than cardboard or paper? Some balers deal with textiles, steel cans, and plastics. You’ll need to decide whether your business produces enough of these items in bulk waste to justify baling them.
  5. Do you need an agreement which includes a maintenance contract? This allows you to know the cost of your new baler every month, avoiding large bills if it breaks down, and keeps your machine in good order, ensuring there won’t be a break in your service.

How do you choose the right baler hire company?

Choose a company with expert waste management consultants, like Inspire Waste Management.

They can help you achieve the best price possible for your cardboard waste and advise you on baler hire.

Ensure the baler company can also supply you with any baler products you need and that it has appropriate ISO accreditations.

Need advice on baler hire? Call our friendly Inspire Waste team on 0800 002 9282.

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What are the upsides of baling cardboard?

What are the upsides of baling cardboard? You can earn revenue that may cover or exceed baler rental costs

 baling cardboardHas your business been thinking about baling cardboard, but you’re worried about baler rental costs?

Don’t be! It’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your business more sustainable.

In fact, instead of looking at baler rental costs in isolation, think about the potential revenue your cardboard waste could be generating.

What are the typical baler rental costs?

If you were buying a cardboard baler, it would cost from around £2,500.  The price rises to more than £5,000 with larger baler capacities.

Many businesses don’t want another capital spend, though, so renting a baler is the perfect choice for them. That could cost them from as little as £20 per week, depending on the baler capacity.

You get a better price for your waste cardboard by baling it. Per tonne, you can get between £40 and £65 for cardboard waste and you’re more likely to get the top end of that price if the waste is baled ready for your purchaser to transport and deal with.

Waste businesses like ours can transport more compacted, baled cardboard at once than loose cardboard in a skip, so it cuts our transportation costs.

Don’t forget that the more profit you make on the waste you recycle, the more you can offset the rental costs for your baler.

What are the other benefits of having a baler?

You keep your site clean and free of waste and reduce the hazards to staff and visitors.

Space is freed up at your site so that you can install more equipment or store more stock.

Your business is complying with its duties under the environmental regulations. Cardboard is an easily recycled material and 75% of all cardboard and paper is now made from recycled materials.

So, your business is helping to save precious resources and reduce the amount of energy needed to produce it from scratch.

You get paid for your waste and you help to save the trees. It’s a win-win scenario.

Why rent?

  • It’s the simple option – There are no capital costs and you don’t have to service a loan to buy the machinery. You simply rent the right equipment for your business, you are trained in how to use it, and you start to reap the benefits.
  • There are no maintenance or depreciation costs – Your contract can ensure the baler is maintained and stays working for you.
  • It’s flexible – There are a range of different contract options to suit any business.
  • Your transportation costs are cut – Businesses like ours can buy and take away your baled waste cardboard for recycling. The more you recycle, the bigger the saving.
  • We can ensure you get the best deal possible from the arrangement – Our waste consultants will carry out a site survey and recommend how your business can save money.

How to choose the right partner for your bulk waste recycling

Look for a company with expert waste management consultants, like Inspire Waste Management, who can help you achieve the best price possible for your cardboard waste.  We can achieve higher than market values for our clients.

Ensure the company can supply you with any baler products you may need and has appropriate ISO accreditations.

Need advice on dealing with your bulk waste and baler rental costs? Call our friendly Inspire Waste team on 0800 002 9282.