Important Questions to Ask a Waste Management Company

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You may have to rely on others to ensure a job is done efficiently and correctly. Suppose you choose a waste management company that is well-equipped. In that case, you can be assured that all of your waste needs will be handled efficiently so that you can save time and concentrate on more important matters within your business.

You should consider the services you want to integrate into your business, your budget, and how frequently your business produces debris when selecting a waste management company.

There is a lot to consider before making a decision; therefore, it can be a lengthy process. Due to this, a buildup of debris and a crowded commercial site may be detrimental to your business.

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What is the Main Purpose of Waste Management?

Solid waste management aims to ensure that debris is stored, compiled, transported, treated or disposed of hygienically, economically, and efficiently without polluting the environment (the air, soil, or water).

With this in perspective, here are some questions you should consider asking when looking for a waste management provider for your business.

How Do I Get a Quote?

In comparing waste management providers, price is an imperative factor. If you don’t have much time, you need a hassle-free quote experience. Regardless of your needs, get an easy and fast quote to help with your decision. At Inspire Waste Management, we offer quotes over the phone as well as our online quote builder, which provides a step-by-step process to get a quote quickly.

Are You Compliant with UK Legislation?

You should only consider waste management providers who fully comply with waste management legalities and environmental regulations. To keep the environment safe and compliant, waste management must be conducted in an environmentally friendly manner. If you are concerned about meeting ongoing laws and managing costs effectively, consider utilising an environmental consulting service.

At Inspire Waste Management, we comply with all the regulations in place within the UK. Our waste disposal certifications are listed on our website.

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Can You Manage More Than One Site?

Some waste management providers may be unable to accommodate your requirements depending on the size of your business. Resources may not be available to provide multi-site waste management services or unscheduled pickups, so debris could build up and restrict operations. Suppose your business has multiple locations, either close to each other or across the UK. In that case, you may need to dispose of commercial waste at each of them. It’s always best to ask about the scope of services offered by waste management providers if you operate in a larger business landscape. Ensure they can offer the capabilities necessary to accommodate your debris collection needs by asking about their other customers or sector services.

We offer nationwide services to customers. If you are still unsure, we also provide waste management consultancy services to advise you on your resource, environment, and waste management practices to find the best solution for you. We can aid you in making the most of your money, whether you have a small business or a range of places of work around the country!

What Waste Management Services Do You Offer?

Establishing which range of services are available is the first step. Almost all trash collection companies will let customers rent a skip or place rubbish in a secure container before it’s collected and sorted (whether at a recycle treatment centre or UK landfill). Depending on the company, you may decide on different sizes based on your debris type and volume. At Inspire Waste, we have many different sizes of skips available, all for varying costs.

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What Kind of Waste Do You Collect?

All waste management companies may not collect certain types of debris, so make sure you ask in advance. Most construction waste and recyclable materials like wood, plastic, and green waste can be recycled. However, hazardous waste must be handled with special care, so some waste management businesses do not offer these services. We have you covered if you need specialist services such as hazardous waste clearance (such as asbestos removal!)

Will Our Waste Be Recycled?

When you know your business waste will be recycled, you can lower your carbon footprint as a business and help save our environmental crisis. Do they have their own waste and recycling sorting facility after collecting the rubbish? You should be able to find out precisely what happens to your debris after it has been compiled by a professional company.

A sustainable waste carrier will be able to reduce waste and use advanced disposal tactics to prevent valuable resources from ending up in the landfill. We work closely with recycling centres and believe that waste and recycling (such as plastic bottles) if properly managed, can help prevent global warming.

This, along with renewable energy, a circular economy, sustainable communities, and the ‘recycle, reuse, create solution’, can help prevent disposing of collected rubbish in a landfill. All of these small steps taken by businesses could aid the focus on rebuilding the ozone layer to achieve efficient and sustainability treatment.

We offer commercial recycling collection to ensure your business is as environmentally-friendly as possible regarding waste management.

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What is Your Waste Removal Schedule Like?

Each waste removal service operates according to its own schedule. Your commercial property’s waste output must match each potential company’s waste removal schedule to achieve and benefit from a cohesive rota.

For example, waste services that can come between Mondays and Wednesdays will be valuable if your shipments arrive on Mondays and Wednesdays. The waste disposal areas can be clear through well-planned pickup days, meaning no overcrowding. Your rubbish pileups can be avoided by spacing out your trash and dry mixed recycling collection.

What Type of Disposal Systems Do You Have in Your Waste Management Company?

A company’s choice of waste management service can be influenced by the types of disposal units offered. For example, roll-off skips and containers are often included in waste clearance service contracts. Still, extra fees are usually charged for renting these units. You may have a bigger bill than you anticipated because of this unexpected expense. At Inspire Waste Management, we offer a variety of commercial skip hire services to see which would suit your business best.

Contact us today about our disposal systems. We can tell you anything, from how our plastic is recycled, to what landfill your waste goes to!

What is Included in Waste Pick-Ups?

Following on from the last point, unexpected costs are not good for businesses. This is why it is essential to ask this question.

Depending on your business’ budget, you should discuss business waste removal costs with your waste management solutions service. Inquire about the services included in your waste materials pickup contract, maybe including waste carrier bins, bottle recycling, paper recycling, dry mixed recycling, and other services.

The waste management ‘important removal’ cost can add up when these other amenities are not included. Your total will increase if you rent a dumpster monthly and pay an additional fee for recycling services or sorting. Before signing a contract with a local waste removal company, you should understand the costs involved. At Inspire Waste, we offer flat fees and ensure your quote is as accurate as possible straight away to avoid any dismay further down the line.

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Other Considerations

Commercial businesses and property owners must acquire business waste disposal services. Considerations must be taken into account before working with your city’s waste collection service or hiring a private waste clearance company. Every good waste company should provide evidence of:

  • Positive reviews
  • Time spent in the industry
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Complete background checks

Waste management companies should provide all this information for their waste management solutions with no resistance. Better yet, they should offer the information upfront with complete transparency on their website, as ours does.

You don’t have to devote much time and energy to finding a business waste company for your commercial waste management, not if you ask the right questions. By asking a few questions, you’ll be able to determine which service is suitable for your company and make an informed decision.

Why Should I Choose Inspire Waste Management as My Waste Management Company?

Here are some reasons why choosing our business to manage your business waste is a great idea over other waste management companies:

  • We are experts in the recycling services and waste industry.
  • Regardless of where you are in the UK, we will be able to help you.
  • Within seven working days, we’ll have your service up and running.
  • Your company or organisation will responsibly dispose of waste in compliance with sustainable waste clearance laws.
  • Every contractor we work with holds the necessary certifications and is thoroughly audited.
  • Budgeting waste collection costs is easy with a flat rate.
  • You will not be charged any hidden fees – whatever we quote is what you’ll pay.
  • Our goal is to provide environmental protection for you with our waste environmental services. Our contractors will dispose of nothing directly in landfills; they recover waste collections for recycling.

To learn more, visit our waste collections FAQ or call us today for a free telephone consultation.

Inspire Waste Management offers waste services anywhere in the UK

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We’ll help you get the best price for bulk recycling, and get the right skips, tankers, compactors, or balers for your business.

We’ll also help you make the most of your budget with our waste consultancy and project planning and transparent, flat rate quotes.

So, when it comes to your waste, it pays to get Inspire-d!

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