How could waste consultancy services help save your business money?

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Business to Business Service, Sewage disposal service, Waste Management Service

how could waste consultancy save your business money

If you’re looking to save money in your business, it’s time to consider using waste consultancy services.

Experienced professionals with excellent contacts in the waste industry can help you reduce your costs and maximise your revenue potential.

Whether you produce hazardous waste, bulk recycling, or non-hazardous waste, using waste consultancy services could help you get a clear picture of your business.

What could waste consultancy services do for you?

1. Carry out a waste audit

Having a clear picture of the amount and type of waste your business produces helps you understand the potential liabilities you face.

An audit is a physical analysis of your waste which allows you to draw up plans to reduce the amount of waste produced, look at best practices and where your organisation is adopting it, and where systems could be improved.

It can be carried out by waste management consultant in factories, warehouses, offices, schools and colleges, and hospitals.

It will help you see what’s costing you money and where there is potential for extra revenue.

2. Advise you on the law

The regulations for hazardous waste are strict and the potential penalties for breaching them are costly.

So, it’s in your interests to understand your duties under the law and what you must do to fulfil them.

It’s worth remembering that non-hazardous waste is governed by environmental regulations, too.

Your business has a duty of care to protect the public, the environment, and your staff from the waste you produce and store.

Our consultants keep abreast of the latest legal moves and are highly experienced.

3. Help you categorise and store your hazardous waste correctly

The law says you must categorise hazardous waste correctly, it must not be stored with non-hazardous waste, and it must be stored appropriately.

If you want to transport it, you need a waste consignment note which details the type of waste, how it was produced and stored, which registered carrier is transporting it, and where it will be processed.

There are several different categories – from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) to solvents or chemicals.

The categorisation system can be confusing, so having a waste consultant to help you through the process ensures your paperwork is correct and that waste such as chemicals, oils, slurry or sludge, asbestos, and WEEE waste is stored in the right way.

We also have access to chemist testing facilities to ensure you know what’s in your waste.

4. Look for better deals

Our consultants have excellent contacts in the waste disposal industry, so they will be able to source the best deals for you when it comes to waste transfer and facilities to process your waste.

That will help keep your costs to a minimum while making sure your contractors have the proper accreditations to keep you on the right side of the law.

5. Look at the best bulk recycling options

This is a potential revenue stream for your business and our waste management consultancy service will help you maximise it.

If you produce waste cardboard, paper, or metal waste, it’s worth talking to our consultants who will help you get the best prices for it.

We’ll also make sure you’re not sending recyclable waste to landfill, incurring costly landfill fees and taxes.

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Our experienced, expert staff will help you navigate the complex rules for dealing with hazardous waste, electronic and electrical waste, and confidential waste.

We’ll help you get the best price for bulk recycling, and get the right skips, tankers, compactors, or balers for your business.

We’ll also help you make the most of your budget with our waste consultancy and project planning and transparent, flat rate quotes.

So, when it comes to your waste, it pays to get Inspire-d!

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