What is a waste management consultant – and why do I need one?

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Waste Management Service

Update: This article was updated on 7 May 2022

Have you ever wondered what the job title of waste management consultant entailed?

These professionals can help your business save money, comply with complex waste regulations, reduce pollution, and reduce its environmental impact.

Waste management consultant team

Waste management consultant responsibilities:

  • Ensure non-hazardous and hazardous waste disposal is completed safely, legally, and efficiently
  • Help companies design waste management systems which comply with environmental protection laws
  • Analyse systems for efficiency and cost
  • Carry out risk assessments
  • Highlight the benefits and drawbacks of different waste management systems
  • Suggest improvements, including new equipment or procedures

Generally, they have expert knowledge in chemistry, physics, and mechanical engineering.

This knowledge is combined with a dee[p understanding of the hazardous waste legislation and how businesses must comply with it when it is stored, categorised, transported, and disposed of.

They use research skills online and in the field to ensure the law is complied with and businesses are given the best options for them.

A substantial part of the job is writing detailed technical reports, explaining the complex rules in clear language to businesses.

They also draw up blueprints and carry out simulations to test systems, and may carry out air and soil tests.

Why would I need a waste management consultant?

Any business undertaking a major new construction project, or the installation of new plant and machinery, would need to know the cost of removing waste from their site

One of the key reasons to employ a waste management consultant is to help prevent spiralling project costs.

Businesses which produce hazardous waste as part of their process, or which store it, must understand and comply with strict rules.

An experienced waste management consultant will help businesses ensure they have the right storage facilities, the right transportation, and that they have the right waste transfer notes.

Categorising hazardous waste correctly is vital to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. You don’t have to worry whether you make the correct decision when categorising waste.

In some industries, such as construction, hiring a specialist is especially important since construction waste includes hazardous materials that need to be sorted correctly. Some examples are readily apparent, such as beads left behind after cavity wall insulation removal or asbestos waste found in the loft. However, not all waste on the construction site can be easily identified as hazardous, so specialists may be needed.

Your consultant will assist you in doing that and ensure that notes are filled out correctly.

Businesses which fail to comply with hazardous waste regulations can be fined substantial amounts.

For example in 2017, a Bristol company and two of its directors were told to pay more than £32,000 in fines and costs for illegally supplying 64,000 of tonnes hazardous waste to a development site, where workers reported getting sore, runny eyes. There was the potential risk of exposure to asbestos contained in the material, the Environment Agency said.

How do you choose the right waste management consultant?

Look for a company with waste consultancy services track record in dealing with hazardous waste, such as Inspire Waste Management. They will understand the complex rules associated with it and help you ensure your waste is correctly categorised.

We can help with

  • recycling and waste minimisation
  • recovery of energy to final disposal
  • sustainable development
  • circular economy


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